Administration & Documentation Systems

SYNAPSE-NX is a system for increasing the efficiency of the endoscopy workflow and performing inspection duties safely and with certainty. This set-up is connected with systems such as HIS, medical monitors and scope reprocessing machines. Synapse facilitates smoothy inspection organisation and reduces the time and effort in your daily activities. Moreover, SYNAPSE-NX is independent from the manufacturer of an endoscope.

HIS-based order management

Order information acquired from the Hospital Information System is automatically entered, including anamnesis. Detailed planning can be done in the integrated planning module. Rooms and precise time slots can be allocated.

Workflow guidance

Keep control of your examinations with progress indicators. Quick Launch buttons easily guide you through the procedure.

Automatic storage of reprocessing protocols

Automatically receive full protocols from a wide variety of different disinfection machines and link them to the patient. Keep control with the integrated disinfection management module – for complete traceability.

Direct access to all images in Synapse

You are already using Synapse PACS? SYNAPSE-NX enables direct access to the full Synapse archive with its integrated Synapse Client program. Have the complete patient archive available in Synapse-NX!

SYNAPSE-NX completely integrates into your endoscopy department and the hospital campus – independent of your machine manufacturer.

Connect to vitals monitors

Automatically store vital sign data such as heart rate, blood pressure and O2 saturation. Include ready-to-use diagrams in the nursing documentation.

Mobile nursing tablet

For full digital nursing documentation, use the Synapse-NX nursing tablet. All relevant information is entered using a customizable touch-screen interface.


Flexible and fast

Use the customisable structured reporting program to effectively create patient reports. Automatically generate diagnosis and procedure codes and transmit them together with the report to the Hospital Information System (HIS).

Maintain quality

The medical terminology database in combination with customisable mandatory reporting terms give you a department-wide quality standard. 

Recording without a network connection

You can even save images when there is no network connection available, for example with mobile units and data management.

Automatic synchronisation

As soon as you connect the computer back to the network, it automatically synchronises with the server.


Store and retrieve X-ray images from the hospital PACS. Send worklist to your DICOM-enabled video processor and retrieve DICOM images. 


Complete communication with the Hospital Information System.

Proprietary interface

Connect to disinfection machines supporting the vendors proprietary protocol.