HD System

The new high definition standard in endoscopy.

The Fujifilm high definition system represents the standard in digital endoscopy – in terms of both technology and cost-efficiency. It enables us to provide you with endoscopy equipment that is more affordable than ever before. At the heart of the system is the EPX-2500 video processor, which delivers images in high definition without loss in quality. The 530F endoscope stands out for its natural colour reproduction and Super-CCD chip, which guarantees excellent image quality.


  • Digital and cost-efficient rather than analogue and expensive
  • The ideal solution for medical practices and hospitals

  • EPX-2500 for high-resolution images with convenient operation and digital video output

  • 530F endoscope with Super-CCD chip and ergonomic handling

The EPX-2500 video processor. High definition in everyday work.

The EPX-2500 combines convenient operation with high-resolution images that have optimal illumination. The digital video output (DVI) of the EPX-2500 produces images in high definition without loss of quality. Furthermore, the processor is equipped with a range of functions to make examinations both safe and informative.

  • Two ports for connecting Fujifilm 200 series and 530 series endoscopes

  • Integrated xenon light source for bright, uniformly illuminated images

  • Quick and simple operation thanks to clearly arranged functions and a multi-switch

  • Picture-in-picture function with freeze mode for live-display

  • Better imaging of blood vessels

  • 2x zoom for instant enlargement

The 530F endoscope range. Economy meets HD.

The new 530F endoscopes from Fujifilm are the economical choice for HD endoscopy. With stunning natural colour and a high-resolution Super-CCD chip, they offer an image quality that leaves nothing to be desired. And all this at excellent value for money.

  • Ergonomic handling and good bending operability

  • Compatible with the EPX-2500 processor with HD quality and the EPX-4450HD with HDTV quality

  • Comprehensive range with three colonoscopes and a gastroscope