HDTV System

A new dimension in endoscopy.

Fujifilm is redefining HDTV in endoscopy. The focus is on the new EPX-4450HD video processor. Perfectly adapted thereupon are the 590 series Super-CCD endoscopes and the 23" monitor with genuine HDTV resolution. Welcome to the era of premium HDTV endoscopy.


  • EPX-4450HD video processor with brilliant HDTV 1080i reproduction and FICE dual-mode imaging for virtual chromoendoscopy

  • Super-CCD technology with a revolutionary pixel design for maximum precision

  • 590 series endoscope with Super CCD chip, ColoAssist and 135x optical magnification

  • 24" HDTV monitor for bright, razor-sharp images with extraordinary colours

The new EPX-4450HD. Premium endoscopy in HDTV.

As a fully digital processor with HDTV 1080i reproduction, the new EPX-4450HD video processor provides totally lossless signal conversion. The result is brilliant HDTV image quality with the greatest possible precision. And that’s not all: with its integrated FICE technology, it also provides completely new facilities for virtual chromoendoscopy.

With its network connection and digital DVI and HD-SDI outputs, the processor is fully prepared for the future. The HD-SDI output allows images to be transmitted even over long cable distances.

  • Premium image quality thanks to HDTV electronics and Super-CCD technology

  • FICE dual-mode imaging allows the simultaneous display of white light and FICE images on a single screen

  • On-board DICOM facilitates perfect integration into your existing network

  • Advanced workflow: intuitive and straightforward process design

  • Anti-blur function for the documentation of pin-sharp images

Super-CCD technology for flawless pictures.

Super-CCD technology involves a revolutionary pixel design that provides the attending physician with the highest accuracy in details, excellent colour fidelity, and the sharpest display quality.

The octagonal shape of the photo diodes makes the chip much more light-sensitive, so that the images appear constantly brighter. Even the most subtle colour changes in lesions can be identified clearly and much faster with the Super-CCD endoscopes.

In addition, the Super-CCD chip is 45% smaller than the traditional CCD chip. This means the endoscopes can be made much thinner, so that the examination is easier for both the physician and the patient.

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The 590 series endoscopes with a Super-CCD chip.

The 590 series endoscopes from Fujifilm combine brilliant image quality with a maximum resolution of 1.3 million pixels with a comfortable ergonomic design to form a perfect whole.

  • Digital image processing and Super-CCD chip
  • 135x optical magnification for optimum precision of detail
  • ColoAssist: the best form of simple support for colonoscopies
  • Optimised duodenoscope for a broad range of possible interventions
  • Increased user comfort an improved haptic interface and ergonomic design
  • Extremely reliable thanks to modern materials and a smart design
  • Reliable hygiene properties with materials that are easy to process
  • Optimal illumination with lens packages before the optical fibre

24" HDTV monitor for endoscopy and ultrasound.

The 24" monitor converts the signal without loss and presents impressively sharp images in true HDTV resolution. The monitor’s high luminosity and exceptional brilliance of colour make the finest details clearly recognisable.

The large-format screen is especially suitable for rendering the FICE dual-mode images of the EPX-4450HD and the picture-in-picture display of the SU-8000 ultrasound processor.

  • Numerous digital and analogue video input connections (HD-SDI, DVI, RGB, S-Video, Composite)
  • Multi-modality functionality (MMI)
  • Picture-in-picture function for displaying two images simultaneously
  • Loop-through for lossless serial connection of monitors
  • Remote control inputs for controlling monitor functions
  • Wide 178° viewing angle
  • Fast reaction time