Transnasal Endoscopy

In order to counter increasing cost pressure in modern endoscopy, Fujifilm has developed a complete product range for transnasal endoscopy (TNE). While TNE helps to reduced costs, at the same time it facilitates greater patient comfort. It is exceptionally reliable for routine procedures and training clinicians to carry out the procedure is very simple.


  • The cost-effective answer to new legislation and changes in the public health sector

  • Complete range of video endoscopes, disposable catheters and accessories

  • Brilliant images with a high level of diagnostic information

  • Patient-friendly procedures that do not require sedation or after-care

Better performance, greater savings potential.

More comfort for patients.

Transnasal endoscopy is virtually pain-free and can be carried out without sedation. It is far more patient-friendly than conventional gastroscopy because this examination technique does not induce any pharyngeal reflex. Similarly, it is suitable for patients with swallowing difficulties or people who cannot be given an anaesthetic. In routine use, transnasal endoscopy means considerably less discomfort for all patients undergoing treatment and the patient is able to talk to the doctor during the examination.

Endoscopy without sedation or aftercare.

Transnasal endoscopy does not require sedation and, as a result, there is no need for a specially trained assistant to monitor the patient. The patient can also leave the surgery or the clinic as soon as the procedure is over doing away with the requirement for recovery facilities or monitoring equipment. This, in turn, leads to greater cost efficiency.


Reliable diagnostics thanks to top-quality images.

Fujifilm is synonymous with high image quality and Fujifilm transnasal endoscopes are no different. The unrivalled excellence of the Super-CCD chip in these ultra-slim video endoscopes produces high-resolution images in brilliant colours. This means every single detail is clearly visible and enables reliable and safe diagnosis.

Ultra-slim video endoscopes

The innovative video endoscopes EG-580NW2 and EG-530N series combine an ultra-slim design with high manoeuvrability and ease of intubation.

The high-specification miniature Super-CCD chip and two fibre-optic cables guarantee excellent images and optimum illumination. For minor therapeutic procedures or biopsies, both models feature an instrument channel with a diameter of 2 mm.

Thanks to the small diameter of the endoscopes, they can both be used on patients with stenosis or for paediatric endoscopy.