FDX Visionary-A

FDX Visionary-A takes the best of the Pencil Beam technology and significantly improves examination time and image quality. Combining the very best in innovation and proven know-how, from technology to design to the software interface, FDX Visionary-A was developed to enhance practitioners’ work while making it easier at the same time.





The FDX Visionary-A is manufactured by DMS Imaging.

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  • The fastest Pencil Beam examination
    • 60 sec per site
    • 4 min for whole body (not available with compact version)
  • The highest Pencil Beam image resolution


Osteoporosis diagnosis: Based on all relevant multisite examinations hip, dual hip, spine, forearm, as well as a whole body and vertebral assessment.

Fracture risk assessment: based on automatic tools such as:

  • The FRAX tool (developed by the W.H.O.) to evaluate patients’ fracture risk.
  • Morphometric tools help assess fracture risk using morphological parameters such as angle and distance.
  • Digital Vertebral Assessment (DVA): for lateral assessment of fractures.


Body composition (for weight management): Bone%, Lean%, Fat%. Pediatric module:

  • Following children's growth
  • Skeletal age comparison


Orthopedic module for femur, knee, lateral knee as well as elbow, shoulder, forearm, foot, hand and spine.


Modern user friendly, ergonomic and intuitive interface: Improves user conditions and increases workflow
Automatic ROI and interface color selection


  • Auto positioning
  • Multi-report
  • Patient & Doctor letter editor
  • Data importation from other bone densitometers
  • Dicom push & print & worklist
  • Workstation & multi-user data base access