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Approximately 1,000 photos annually per household. An increasing number of people are overwhelmed with the task of organizing so many images.

With the prevalence of digital cameras and smartphones, people now take photos on an everyday basis. Data* shows that the average household saves approximately 1,000 photos yearly. What’s more, about 80% of these people want to put the images into albums, yet only 30% actually do. More and more people are unable to complete albums because they can’t organize the loads of images and because deciding a layout is difficult.

*2013 Fujifilm survey of 400 males and 400 females age 20s to 40s with children in junior high school or younger

Fujifilm’s 'My Photo Diary', born from proprietary Image Organizer technology for image analysis.

To select photos to go into an album, Fujifilm’s Image Organizer technology assesses focus, camera shake, brightness, composition, and faces, as well as number of people, face sizes, face angles, facial expressions, and other image attributes. It also identifies events based on when the photos were taken and analyzes various factors such as “Who was photographed the most?” and “Who else is in the photos?” to automatically lay out each page. A year’s worth of images can be organized into an original album in just minutes.

The happiness of flipping through an album, brought to the 21st century.

Fujifilm has been engaged in all aspects of photography for 80 years. Photography has changed dramatically and today, anyone can shoot photos on a daily basis. As these images accumulate and become harder to retrieve, memories can easily be lost.

My Photo Diary was created to bring as many memories as possible to shape. Memories will always remain precious through the ages. To preserve the happiness of flipping through an album for the 21st century. Fujifilm continues to look toward the future of photography.