Colour Profiles

 Here you will find ICC profiles for Fujifilm printers and information for the handling of color management. 

Colour Management

Level 1 - Colour Management

How To Improve My Output

A frequent frustration is that, no matter how impressive the end result, it doesn't match what was viewed on the monitor.

Now this problem can be easily solved cost effectively by purchasing Fujifilm's Level 1 Colour Management Package. This is suitable for both CRT and LCD monitors. Once you have profiled the monitor, you can edit images with the confidence that your changes are meaningful. A good monitor profile greatly reduces the likelihood of unexpected display and output differences therefore reducing rework and subjective corrections.

Is It Easy To Profile My Monitor?

The CPS Monitor Profiler software enables you to create ICC monitor profiles and follows an easy to use intuitive wizard that will guide you step by step to a balanced monitor.

The X-rite DTP94 Colorimeter is used to both calibrate and characterise the monitor ensuring the display is accurate, compensating for the effects caused by natural ageing. Images can be soft proofed on screen ensuring a close match to other monitors and the final output.

You will also have the backup of Fujifilm's Technical Support Helpline 9-5 Monday to Friday.

What Is Included?

  • X-Rite DTP94 Colourimeter 
     This entry-level colorimeter is the first step to a perfectly balanced monitor.
  • ColourKit Profiler Suite (CPS) Monitor software
  • Monitor license
    An additional license for use with multiple monitors is available at an extra cost. Please refer to current pricing.
Level 2 - Monitor & RGB Output Profiling

How To Improve My Output

Creating an ICC profile for your RGB output device and paper type eliminates the guesswork when printing an image. Total system control is the main benefit of this package, providing you with the tools to profile your monitor and output device, meaning you can create profiles as and when you require them.

Is It Easy To Profile My Monitor?

Both the CPS Monitor and RGB output profiler software follow an intuitive wizard. The EyeOne Pro Monitor Calibration hardware offers consistency with every reading. The RGB Output Profile is created from a supplied test chart file, which is simply passed through your normal workflow and measured with the Eye One Pro.

This profile can then be used in the workflow to ensure all images from any source are processed to a common output standard

We recommend and include 1 day's technical support from Fujifilm to assist in the set up of this package.

What Is Included?

  • CPS Monitor Profiler Software
  • CPS RGB Profiler Software
  • EyeOne Pro + UV cut filter
Level 3 - Full Colour Consultation

What Does This Full Colour Consultation Involve?

Our highest colour management level is based around a fully comprehensive audit of your laboratory, studio or department. We will review your throughput practices, hardware, software and output calibrations, viewing conditions and environment. Not only that we will provide you with software and equipment required to achieve this consistently over time.

We have included 1 day's technical expertise in the price of this package, although due to the nature of this audit it can be expected to last anything up to 3 days. These additional days will be charged at our current rate.

What Is Included?

  • CPS Monitor Profiler software
  • CPS RGB Output Profiler software
  • EyeOne Pro + UV cut filter
  • CPS Image Processor Pro

Updates non ICC aware systems and simplifies workflows with multiple colour management settings.

Automatically adjusts images so they are processed to the correct output colourspace at the right size, resolution and orientation for output.

Integrated Image Editor hosting a wide range of effective editing tools allowing accurate soft proofing and side by side comparisons.