Inkjet Printer “Smartlab” Frontier-S

Customers can establish various systems corresponding to retailers' usage and installation space. High quality print from compact body with 0.2 square meters footprint.


Flexible system configuration respond various demand of customers

  • Multiple printer and software configuration enables to establish flexible business infrastructure
  • Effective business is realized from the both point of function and cost

Newly developed 6 colored unique dye inks “VIVIDIA” for beautiful reproductions. The newly developed “VIVIDIA” ink system which uses unique colorant feature of light and Ozone resistant “VIVIDIA” ink system realizes enhanced granularity and gradation, producing remarkable improvements in medium density areas such as skin tones, blue skies, gray backgrounds. Supported various paper size and paper type

  • Frontier-S supports a variety of paper sizes up to 210 x 1000mm and two paper types Glossy / Luster

  • Exceptional space saving and Easy maintenance

  • Required footprint is only 0.19m² and ink cartridges and roll paper are replaced easily just by opening the front covers to remove them.

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Mustepatruunat 6 Color (Y, M, C, BK, Pink, Sky Blue) of dye-based VIVIDIA™ ink (Volume 200mls per color)
Tulostuskapasiteetti Approx. 360 Prints/hr 4R (4"x6") Approx 120 Prints/hr 8R (8"x10")
Tulostusmenetelmä Piezoelectric Inkjet System
Tulostustarkkuus 720 x 720dpi 1440 x 720dpi (HQ mode)
Käsittelyaika (kuivasta kuivaksi) Approx 45 seconds (fastest time)