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Advice before you buy a Fujifilm camera

All you need to know to help you decide where to buy your Fujifilm camera from, to ensure that you get the best product from us, and best service for your Fujifilm camera.

The decision where you buy your camera from is an important one - it can affect the quality of camera and service that you receive. What may seem an amazing saving off a normal shop price is often too good to be true - buying cheaply doesn't always mean you are getting great value.

There are hidden pitfalls when buying off rogue internet sites and we wanted to make you aware of the risks and to direct you to our list of approved Fujifilm retailers where you will be guaranteed great service, excellent support and no risk.

  1. Products sourced from overseas markets may well not include VAT in the price of the goods. At first glance the price will seem very attractive but you should always check the small print and look at the "contact us" address on a site to ensure it is a UK or EU site - there are often hidden costs that are not specified in the headline prices quoted. If you buy from outside of the EU, upon receipt of the goods you may be liable to VAT at 20% plus potentially any duty payable and the customs clearance costs.
  2. When the goods are in transit, the responsibility is with the purchaser should they go astray.
  3. If the customs declaration form is incorrectly filled in/misleading (unscrupulous traders may falsely describe/value items to evade duties), the recipient is liable to financial penalty or even prosecution. Purchasers may even have to forfeit the goods.
  4. The Post Office will charge for clearing the parcel through customs and H.M. Customs charges are separate to this.
  5. Rogue traders will often not be selling you the complete package that you are expecting - lens caps, lens hoods and chargers are often removed from the box and sold separately overseas, and most inconveniently, a UK plug and English-language manual may well not be included in products sourced outside of the EU.
  6. Fujifilm cannot guarantee the authenticity of a product not purchased via an approved channel and cannot guarantee that normal warranty conditions will apply.
  7. Authorised, legitimate dealers handle goods responsibly and ensure that the product you receive is in perfect condition. When you purchase from a rogue dealer, often products are not in their original packaging. They have not been stored in clean, dry conditions, and this can affect the optics and the efficiency/life-span of the camera. Hi-tech products need care and careful handling.
  8. In summary, rogue traders may operate irregular practices, with no service or backup. They are often able to offer lower prices because they have no showrooms, helplines, workshops or knowledgeable staff.
  9. Please remember, if an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If in doubt, please ring our Customer Hotline on: 0344 553 2321

For more info on taxes and duties please visit:

Fujifilm UK

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