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FUJIFILM Nordic Danmark [Representative Office]

Domaine(s) d'activité: Digital Cameras, Instant cameras, Photographic Film and Paper, Digital Printers, Minilab Systems, Medical Systems
Adresse Telegrafvej 5 , 2750 Ballerup, Danmark
Téléphone: (+45) 45 66 22 44
E-mail: FFNR-info(at)fujifilm(dot)eu
Présentation du produit:

FUJIFILM Recording Media GmbH, Scandinavia Office [Group Company]

Domaine(s) d'activité: Recording Media
Adresse P.O.Box 1046 SE-164 40 KISTA Sweden
Téléphone: +46 8 590 920 70
E-mail: info_sca(at)sca.fujifilm-rme(dot)com

Motion Picture Film N.V. [Distributor]

Domaine(s) d'activité: Motion Picture Films
Adresse 33, Rue Gustave Schildknecht, 1020 Bruxelles, Belgium
Téléphone: 31-20-6250714
Remarque: In addition to Belgium, this distributor also covers Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.