Fujifilm annonce la sortie de deux nouveaux zooms 32x Full-HD, destinés aux grands capteurs compatibles avec les téléobjectifs pour la surveillance à longue portée


FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) has announced that it will launch the newly developed “FUJINON FD32x12.5SR4A-CV1”(“FD32x12.5”) and “FUJINON FH32x15.6SR4A-CV1” (“FH32x15.6”) in late January 2016.
Our new line up of 32x Zoom lenses are compatible with larger format sensors.
The “FD32x12.5” is compatible with 1/1.8” format and the “FH32x15.6” is compatible with 2/3”.
They will deliver premium-quality full-HD pictures across the entire Zoom range.
This is a fundamental solution for long-range surveillance for national borders and remote locations.

Traditional needs in the surveillance systems market are shifting from being able to “see” to being able to “identify,” specifically in the long-range surveillance segment for national borders, ports, sensitive facilities and remote locations.
In order to achieve a higher level of identification performance, camera sensors are becoming larger to deliver full-HD pictures and high sensitivity in low light conditions. Users are increasingly seeking high-resolution performance capable of capturing a subject across their entire zoom range outdoors. This is crucial in low light, long distance, fog and other adverse conditions.

Fujifilm introduces full-HD, long-range 32x lenses “FUJINON FD32x12.5SR4A-CV1” and “FUJINON FH32x15.6SR4A-CV1” to answer the needs of a precision driven market. This will strengthen the line-up for surveillance lenses while tapping into the un-paralleled optical technologies developed by Fujinon over many years.

1. Product names and release date

Product name Sensor size Maximal focal length Release schedule
FUJINON FD32x12.5SR4A-CV1 1/1.8” 400mm Late January 2016
FUJINON FH32x15.6SR4A-CV1 2/3” 500mm Late January 2016

2. Main features of FD32x12.5 and FH32x15.6

1) Full-HD and compatible with large size sensors

  • These lenses can capture full-HD, high definition pictures across their entire 32x zoom range.
    This will achieve a higher level of identification of the surveillance systems.
  • The lenses feature the flange focal length adjustment function, enabling focus settings of greater precision in order to accommodate full-HD systems,
  • In response to increasing market demands for color surveillance even in low light, our lenses are designed for the larger 1/1.8” and 2/3” formats. This is emerging as the mainstream in long-range surveillance for higher sensitivity.

2) 32x zoom covering a wide focal range

  • FD32x12.5 covers from 12.5 to 400mm and FH32x15.6 from 15.6 to 500mm.

3) Expanded interface

  • The lenses support both analog and serial interfaces, giving lens control choices to customers according to their existing systems.
  • The widely used protocol “Pelco-D” is now supported as well as FUJIFILM unique “C10”.

4) Equipped with a visible light cut filter

  • The visible light cut filter creates a de-fogging effect with an IR camera, frequently used in long-range surveillance and keep clear image quality.

5) Improved installation to the housings

  • The lenses' main unit is approx. 20% smaller in height compared to Fujifilm's existing 32x zoom lenses enabling compatibility with a greater range of outdoor surveillance system housings.
  • They feature a larger seat for affixing to a housing, and a total of eight affixing holes for improved installation stability.

Fujifilm continues to tap into optical technologies, precision processing and assembling technologies developed over many years. Fujifilm offers a wide variety of lenses for the digital age of premium imaging, including broadcast lenses and machine vision camera lenses.
In an effort to meet the demands of all of our customers, Fujifilm will continue to manufacture an extensive lineup of high quality products for the growing surveillance field,
Our goal is to offer the most advanced products combining precision performance that deliver the best imaging.

 FUJINON FD32x12.5SR4A-CV1 / FH32x15.6SR4A-CV1 Main specifications

Product name FD32x12.5SR4A-CV1 FH32x15.6SR4A-CV1
Resolution Full-HD 2MP* Full-HD 2MP**
Sensor size (max.) 1/1.8” 2/3”
Focal length 12.5-400 mm 15.6-500 mm
Zoom magnification 32x
Iris range (F no.) F3.1 - F16 F3.9 - F16
Focusing range
(From front of the lens)
∞ - 3m
Iris Operation Auto (DC / Video Type)
Angle of view
(H x V) [4:3]
2/3” Wide - 30.93° × 23.60°
Tele - 1.03° x 0.77°
1/1.8” Wide 30.90° x 23.54° 25.38° x 19.24°
Tele 1.03° x 0.77° 0.83° x 0.63°
1/3” Wide 21.23° x 16.03° 17.33° x 13.06°
Tele 0.69° x 0.52° 0.56° x 0.42°
Mount C
Body size (max.)
(H x W x L)
108 x 114 x 251 mm 108 x 114 x 256 mm
(maximal length 258 mm ) (maximal length 263 mm)
Weight Approx. 2.8kg Approx. 2.9kg
  • * When used on a camera with a 1/1.8”-format sensor
  • ** When used on a camera with a 2/3”-format sensor
  • *** The products’ specifications and exterior appearances are as of the time of launch (December 17, 2015) and are subject to change without notice.

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