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Fujifilm opens the Open Innovation Hub

For “co-creation” of new values with business partners

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) has launched the Open Innovation Hub, a venue for presenting Fujifilm Group's fundamental and core technologies as well as materials, products and services based on such technologies to external business partners including companies and research institutes to initiate “co-creation” of fresh values.

The Open Innovation Hub is a facility that allows business partners to have first-hand experience of fundamental and core technologies that underlie excellent materials and products developed by the Fujifilm Group, as well as fresh technologies, materials and products currently under development, so as to offer new business solutions. The company uses this facility to link the business partners' challenges, ideas and potential needs with its proprietary technologies to create innovative products, technologies and services, thereby initiating a tide of innovation.

Fujifilm marks its 80th anniversary today. Since establishment, the company has constantly pursued industry-leading technological development, accumulating a diverse range of technological assets. Color photographic film, which was once Fujifilm's main line of products, requires extremely advanced technologies, i.e. those for evenly laying some 20 photosensitive layers of different functions into film that measures just 20 microns, and combining over 100 types of chemical compounds such as photosensitive particles and color-producing particles in each of the layers in high precision. Through R&D for photographic film, Fujifilm has accumulated a number of world-leading technologies in Grain Formation, Nano Dispersion, Film Formation and High-precision Coating, and applied them to non-photographic fields to deliver medical X-ray film, printing materials and optical film for LCD panels. The company is also behind the development of numerous innovative technologies and products, such as the world's first digital X-ray imaging and diagnostic system “FCR (Fuji Computed Radiography)” and the world's first fully digital camera “DS-1P”, introducing completely new values that had never existed before to our society.

The newly-launched Open Innovation Hub is aimed at presenting the company's fundamental and core technologies as well as materials, products and services based on such technologies to external business partners to initiate “co-creation” of fresh values. It consists of three areas and two zones.

Introduction Area
This is an area for presenting Fujifilm's corporate profile and CSR activities to introduce the company to business partners. It is designed to deepen their understanding of Fujifilm's past steps and current business operations as a whole.

Core Technology Area
This is an area for visually presenting the overview of the company's core technologies and history of their application in a wide range of fields. It is designed to showcase the expansive breadth and depth of Fujifilm's technologies.

Touch Zone
This is a zone that allows visitors to physically touch various products, created with the application of the company's core technologies, for first-hand experience of their technological features and superiority, which cannot be fully conveyed with visual presentation alone. The zone helps swiftly match business partners' tasks with Fujifilm Group's knowledge to present solutions.

Ideation Zone
This is a zone adjacent to the Touch Zone for discussions with business partners. An entire wall is made of whiteboard to facilitate free exchange of opinions to encourage fresh inspiration.

Concept Making Area
This is an area for exploring a specific action plan for creating new products and services. The online conferencing system is available for communication between business partners and research laboratory members.

The Fujifilm Group will continue to make maximum use of its diverse assets to create a series of products and services that address customer needs, thereby presenting new values to our society.

Overview of the Open Innovation Hub

NameOpen Innovation Hub
LocationTokyo Midtown West 2F, 9-7-3 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Total area500m²
Number of
technological exhibits
Approx. 50 items

* This is a facility for business partners and therefore does not accept general visitors.

Touch Zone

[Photo]Touch Zone

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