Point of Care X-ray

FDR nano, X-ray cart, D-EVO II and Virtual Grid design the totally new workflow for the dedicated room mobile use

FDR nano is the newest addition to our mobile X-ray portfolio, an extremely light and compact X-ray cart utilizing Fujifilm's Innovative products, the ultra-high sensitivity Flat panel detector 'D-EVO II' and image processing technology 'Virtual Grid'

FDR Nano expands the X-ray mobile market into areas such as emergency rooms, operation rooms or intensive care units where high mobility and excellent usability are key requirements.

  • light weight body and free moving transportation (slide, turn, pull, push)
  • DR slot function (apply bad, DR lock, charge, security)
  • high performance battery and plugged in exposure
  • all around access (handle, shot switch, operation panel, 2-caster lock pedals)
  • D-EVO II handling with Virtual Grid (light weight, easy insert, robust positioning)
  • X-con connection (condition is applied automatically to Virtual Grid)
  • clean equipment (anti-bacteria, cable less, arm flat operation panel)
  • D-EVO II features (water proof, hydro AG)

Features of FDR NANO:

  • Compact and light weight cart

By utilizing the ultra high sensitive D-EVO II and Virtual Grid technology, the FDR Nano makes efficient use of a smaller output, resulting in a compact mobile X-ray cart only weighing 90kg. Also by adopting a four wheel caster configuration, a 'spin&slide' movement provides freedom of movement unlike any other mobile X-ray

  • Multi-function DR slot

For increased usability we have designed the mobile cart with a DR slot to automatically charge the D-EVO II when inserted, allowing storage and charging at the same time. In addition there is DR panel lock feature for increased security purposes.

  • Flexible Operation Panel

For improved operation and image viewing the FDR Nano has an integrated Console Advance and X-ray controller in one unit. This allows automatic setting of exposure conditions with selection of patient exam body part. The viewing monitor can rotate allowing the viewing angle to be optimized wherever you are in the room

  • Power Management

By adopting the use of lithium batteries, a single 4 hour battery charge provides use for approximately 12 hours (around 240 exposures). Also plug-in exposure is possible, providing  reduced downtime in case of emergency usage

Patient friendly


[Image]Minimum exposure is desirable when taking X-ray images of a new born or infant. Dramatic dose reduction is possible by utilizing Fujifilm core technology.

Ultra-high sensitivity system


Quick accessibility


For Emergency room

Medical scene such as Emergency rooms are crowded with equipments and staffs. Freedom of movement is possible with four wheel caster and extremely light weight X-ray cart.


Innovation to the Workflow


Combining Fujifilm core technology of Cassette DR with image processing and compact Digital X-ray cart, we provide a innovation to the workflow of taking X-rays.



Maintaining Clean Equipments


For Operation room

Medical equipment surface tends to have high risk for transferring germs, and it is essential to maintaining clean equipments in Operation rooms.


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