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Adds security and reliability to LTO tape backup systems by providing tape diagnostics to discover potential problems before they escalate.

Data Cartridge - Diagnostic Tool


First desktop tool to provide key storage tape diagnostic and tracking data in a single device. FUJIFILM Recording Media GmbH introduced the FUJIFILM DC Analyser, the first data center tool of its kind that leverages the expertise of a leading data tape media manufacturer to instantly provide key information on the age, use and condition of the popular LTO Ultrium format data cartridge.This tool will help data managers quickly identify if the source of the problem is the cartridge or if a cartridge issue is a symptom of a malfunctioning drive or unbalanced backup and network. The FUJIFILM DC Analyser provides as well recommendation about cartridges, drive and application.

How FUJIFILM DC Analyser WorksCreated through combined development efforts between FUJIFILM's globally recognized data tape engineers and the application developers at FUJIFILM Recording Media GmbH, the FUJIFILM DC Analyser uses a low-power radio frequency (RF) reader to access historical tape usage information stored in the internal cartridge memory (CM) chip in every LTO Ultrium tape cartridge. The CM chip retains basic diagnostic information over a period of time, including percentage or record errors, amount of data read/written, number of cartridge loads and the age of the cartridge.

By providing access to this information through a simple RF reader combined with standard barcode scanning technology, the FUJIFILM DC Analyser puts key diagnostic and logistic data at the fingertips of the data manager, helping to quickly locate the root cause and prevent backup issues without the need to access a drive, call in outside technicians or send sensitive data out to a third party for evaluation.

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