Fujifilm Advanced Research Laboratories

We established Fujifilm Advanced Research Laboratories in 2006 to serve as the core R&D center for the Fujifilm group. This laboratory complex brings together scientists and engineers from group companies to collaborate on research and development. Fields include organic synthesis, thin multi-layer coatings, precision micromachining, lens design, lasers, printing, and image processing.

Fujifilm Advanced Research Laboratories is structured as a group of interconnected laboratories. The Frontier Core-Technology Laboratories focuses on cutting-edge technologies with the potential to transform the future. The Synthetic Organic Chemistry Laboratories concentrates on high-performance organic materials for a broad range of applications. The Advanced Marking Research Laboratories seeks innovations in printing technologies. The Life Science Research Laboratories and Regenerative Medicine Research Laboratories explores new possibilities in biochemistry, pharmaceuticals and related life science areas where Fujifilm is seeking strong growth.

Profile of Laboratories

Address 577-1 Ushijima, Kaisei Town, Ashigarakami-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture, 258-8577 Japan
Telephone number 0465-86-1111
English name Fujifilm Advanced Research Laboratories (FF ARL)
Total area Approximately 56,000m2 (excluding energy supply
Initial number of employees Approximately 600