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In the 21st century, as people pay increasing attention to health and wellness, healthcare has become one of the world’s most important industries. Moreover, today people expect treatments and drugs to do more than merely cure ailments; they are looking for higher quality of life overall.

To meet the needs of this new era, Fujifilm has evolved into a comprehensive healthcare company, offering products in the fields of diagnosis, prevention and treatment. With its wide range of technologies and expansive vision, Fujifilm leverages the products, services, and hard-earned expertise of its entire Group to enhance the quality of life of people worldwide.

There are certain to be people, however, who are curious how a company that got its start in photographic film has expanded to offer diagnosis, prevention and treatment in the world of healthcare. In this article, we’ll explore the background of Fujifilm’s entry into this market and where the company is headed in the future.

Fujifilm entered the healthcare industry in 1936

Fujifilm’s engagement in healthcare began in the area of diagnostics. In 1936, Fujifilm marketed its first X-ray film. In 1983, Fujifilm introduced FCR, the world’s first digital X-ray diagnostic system. In 1999, the company introduced the SYNAPSE medical imaging and information management system. Fujifilm has a proud tradition of listening to users in pioneering advanced diagnostics technologies for use worldwide. Among doctors, diagnostic technicians, and other medical professionals, Fujifilm has become one of the best-known and most trusted brands.

Our Business Areas in Healthcare

From diagnostics to prevention: Fujifilm’s unique technologies overturn conventional wisdom

In 2006, Fujifilm entered the preventive medicine field, offering functional cosmetics and supplements for the first time. This big step forward was based on tried and tested technologies Fujifilm had developed in film manufacturing. Broadly speaking, Fujifilm has leveraged three major areas of technological expertise to bring the world new healthcare products:

  1. 1.
    Expertise developed through unique collagen research

    Collagen is the main ingredient of photographic film. It also makes up 70% of human skin. Long years of collagen R&D have made Fujifilm an expert in the field.
  2. 2.
    Antioxidant technologies based on methods to prevent the fading of photographs

    Photographs fade due to oxidation. This same process of oxidation causes skin wrinkling and aging. The opportunity was obvious.
  3. 3.
    Original technologies based on R&D into photosensitive materials and color development

    Fujifilm’s nanotechnology makes it possible to reduce the size of particles of healthful substances to a nano scale and disperse them in a stable state. The particles penetrate deep into the skin and are fully absorbed.

Leveraging the synergy between film and medicine in the realm of treatment

In 2008, as a major milestone on its road to becoming a comprehensive healthcare company, Fujifilm welcomed drug company Toyama Chemical into the Group, thereby entering the pharmaceutical industry. Toyama Chemical has a strong niche in the research and development of drugs that fight infection and inflammation.

In addition to small molecule drugs (SMDs), which have a long tradition of success in treating infections and other ailments, Fujifilm is researching and developing biopharmaceuticals, which have the potential for strong growth thanks to their ability to combine high effectiveness with reduced side effects. Moreover, Fujifilm is also focusing on regenerative medicine, in which its extensive research into collagen is a key strength. In these three areas, Fujifilm will leverage the technological resources and unique characteristics of each Group company to expand its pharmaceutical business going forward.

Through its film development experience, Fujifilm has accumulated a broad range of expertise in compound and design technology, analysis technology, and drug delivery systems utilizing nanotechnology, chemical process technology, and high-precision processing technology. Fujifilm applies its film development expertise to the pharmaceutical industry. Fujifilm’s mission is to leverage achievements in film to achieve parallel aims in medicine and develop medical applications that save and enhance people’s lives around the world.

Advantages and Synergy Effects in the Pharmaceuticals Business of Fujifilm

Bringing out the full potential of Fujifilm technologies in new industries

In the world today, medical treatment needs and health-related values are rapidly changing. In diagnostics, treatment, and prevention, Fujifilm must consider new needs and bring out the full potential of its technologies to address them. Even as the number of drugs developed yearly in the drug industry continues to decline, Fujifilm will look beyond preexisting R&D categories and move ahead with its unique perspective. In today’s market, creativity and innovation are more needed than ever before.

Seamlessly integrating diagnostics, prevention, and treatment, Fujifilm aims to be a comprehensive healthcare company that enhances quality of life by helping people maintain their health and return to health through healthful cosmetics, supplements, and medical devices.

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