Fujifilm expands its Acuity Advance Select range of wide format UV inkjet printers

Four and six colour models added with an upgrade path to meet expanding application and business needs


Acuity Advance Select HD4004

Fujifilm today announces the introduction of four new models to its recently launched Acuity Advance Select range - the latest in a series of next-generation UV flatbed printers that feature exceptional quality, improved productivity, and greater versatility, allowing them to be used for a much wider range of applications.

The new models extend the versatility of the Acuity Advance Select platform by now including four, six or eight independent ink channels in two different flatbed sizes, with an upgrade path to allow for application and business expansion.

The four colour Acuity Advance Select HD4004 includes CMYK channels only, for applications where clear or white ink printing is not required. The six colour HD4006 model includes six independent ink channels with the first four configured for standard CMYK printing. Channels five and six can be configured in two ways for the maximum flexibility:

Clear + White

The clear and white ink channels allow print service providers to print on a range of non-white substrates and add a spot or flood coat ‘varnish’ effect in a single operation all on one printer. This extends the application versatility of the Acuity Advance Select machine and improves the efficiency with which these types of added-value effects can be achieved.

White + White

Two white ink channels can improve the density of white in a single pass, which can be particularly useful for demanding backlit applications. These two channels can be used in whichever configuration best suits the application, with the ability to change from Clear + White to White + White (and vice versa) on demand.

All Acuity Advance Select models have an optional roll media kit for printing onto any number of flexible materials. This simple-to-use option is incredibly versatile, allowing an operator to prepare rigid material on the flat bed while the roll media option is printing.

The printer also features additional vacuum zones, further reducing manual masking, together with new job handling capabilities for more complex jobs or those requiring multiple sets of prints, advancements which help to improve overall production efficiencies.

The Acuity Advance Select’s print performance is optimised by Fujifilm’s uniquely formulated Uvijet inks. These incorporate the company’s proprietary ‘Micro-V’ dispersion technology that consistently delivers wide adhesion, superb colour vibrancy and excellent durability in every print.

The introduction of these new models to the  range extends the versatility of Fujifilm‘s Acuity Advance Select range, building on one of the strongest line ups of mid-range high performance UV inkjet printers on the market, with a clear migration path for printers looking to upgrade in the future.

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