Synergy of digital imaging technology and the existing instax system enables greatly improved photographic image quality and image editing / processing before printing


FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) today announced that it will release the instax SQUARE SQ10 ("SQ 10" ), the first hybrid instant camera with the new square format film "instax SQUARE Film" on May 19, 2017. The SQ 10 is the first hybrid camera within its range equipped with a digital image sensor and digital image processing technology, which enables greatly improved photographic image quality and image editing / processing before printing. This new system takes the image quality of instax to the next level and allows photographers to add a creative, artful edge to their photography with intuitive interface designed especially for the SQ10.

Seeing an opportunity to provide photographers with more occasions than ever to use instant cameras equipped with new technologies, Fujifilm decided to create a brand new device fully dedicated to the SQUARE format. The improved image-capturing functions of the SQ10 give this latest addition to the instax range unrivalled levels of control and ease of use. The SQ10 will now allow photographers to effortlessly capture a wealth of different scenes with perfect control.

Highlights of the instax SQUARE SQ10

1. Improved image quality that transforms the everyday into a work of art

The SQ10 is the first instax camera to be equipped with a digital image sensor and image processing technology. These technologies enhance the camera’s ability to take brighter photos in low-light conditions (e.g. indoor and night scenes) and close-up shots from a distance of up to 10 cm with new functions such as automatic exposure control, human detection, and auto-focus.

2. Creative photographic expression with various image editing features

A dynamic range of photographic expression is made possible by combining the three main functions of the ten striking filters with different effects, the dramatic vignette control which can adjust the light intensity at the periphery of the image, and brightness adjustment. Users can either set the functions to be used in advance or after shooting.

3. Easy-to-use and intuitive user interface

The integrated operation dial and buttons on the back of the camera, and the graphic interface which directly displays the image editing status in the LCD monitor enable the SQ10 to realize simple and intuitive operability throughout editing, processing and printing.

Since instax cameras were originally launched in 1998, they have proved extremely popular with users all over the world, with cumulative shipment volumes reaching over 25 million units. This has made instax the leader of the world’s instant photography market over the past several years.

Fujifilm is committed to offering new products and services that meet various consumer needs by leveraging innovative technological advancements. The company is also dedicated to enhancing the enjoyment of photography worldwide, and encouraging users to experience the value of shooting, preserving, displaying and gifting photo images that deliver the message of “enrich your life with photographs.”

Main Features

1. "instax SQUARE SQ 10"

  • High photographic image quality driven by a heady mix of digital imaging technology and the existing instax system

The SQ10 is the first camera in the instax series to be equipped with the newly developed “hybrid instax system” -- a digital image sensor and image processing technology integrated with the existing instax system. These technologies enhance the ability of the SQ10 to take brighter photos in low-light conditions (e.g. indoor and night scenes) and close-up shots from a distance of up to 10 cm with new functions such as automatic exposure control, human detection, and auto-focus.

Night scene

Close-up shot

  • Simple operation with LCD monitor, operation dial and buttons on the back of the camera.

Three buttons arranged at the top of the operation dial correspond to the main functions - ten different filters, vignette control, and brightness adjustment. Results of all operations throughout the composition of shooting, editing / processing and printing are displayed on the LCD monitor. This new interface enables photographers to edit and processphotos with a simple and intuitive operation. Photographers may also choose to select and edit (e.g. zooming and cropping) the image before printing. This is a particularly useful when sharing multiple prints with a number of people.

Back of the camera

Selecting the image


  • Various shooting modes and creative image processing functions to fully express the attractions of square format photos

Ten different color filters and saturation, dramatic vignette effect that can adjust the light intensity of the peripheral portion of the image and brightness adjustment -- these are thethree main functions of the SQ10, and enable users to incorporate an artistic aspect into their photography. Filters are an excellent tool that allow users to enhance the saturation oradd a retro or vintage feel to the photograph.

The vignette effect is especially well-suited to portraits or still life images as it highlights photographic subject at the center of the photo. The SQ10 also features special shooting modes such as double exposure that can overlap two images onto one film by pushing the shutter twice, while the bulb exposure(*1) function is useful for night scenes and light marks.

*1 With the bulb exposure function, the shutter is kept open while the shutter button is pressed. This allows weak light to be captured on film in dark places.

Double Exposure

Bulb mode

  • Filter (10 effects)











  • Vignette control (19 steps)




  • Brightness adjustment (19 steps)

-1 2/3


+ 1 2/3

  • A symmetrical design with dual shutter button

The SQ10 has an iconic design and thin, round, symmetrical shape for easy holding. It has a dual shutter system with two shutter buttons - one on the right and one on the left. This not only offers lefties to press the shutter with their dominant hand but also work as a function button to switch the shooting mode. The lens ring is made with shaved metal and the feel of some of the resin parts has been changed to add a sense of depth and variety throughout the solid black body.

  • Other features

With the rechargeable battery used in SQ10, you can shoot up to 160 images with one charge.

Images taken and edited / processed can be saved in the internal memory (up to about 50) or microSD card slot *3.


Rechargeable battery


Battery can be charged with micro USB cable

Equipped with microSD card slot (images can also be printed in JPEG format)

*3 Please note that microSD card is sold separately.

Thumbnail images can also be printed as displayed (up to nine thumbnail images can be displayed at any one time).

2. "instax SQUARE Film"

  • 1:1 aspect ratio

Square format has been popular with photo enthusiasts for almost a century as an effective format for artistic photographic expression. "Instax SQUARE Film" realizes "1 to 1" viewing angle with a screen size of 62x62mm, cutting out every scene artistically regardless of people or landscape.

  • Excellent color reproducibility

The Instax series film features excellent color reproducibility, taking full advantage of Fujifilm's long-standing research on photographic film manufacturing and image design technology.

Main specifications

Image sensor 1/4" CMOS with primary color filter
Number of recorded pixels 1920x1920 pixels
Storage media Internal memory, microSD/microSDHC memory card
Storage method DCF compatible, Exit Ver.2.3, JPEG compatible, DPOF compatible, PIM compatible
Focal length 28.5mm fixed size (converted to 35mm film)
Aperture F2.4
Auto focus Single AF (TTL contrast AF, with AF auxiliary light)
Shooting distance 10cm to ∞
Shutter speed 1/1000 seconds to 1 second (auto switching), maximum 10 seconds in flashbulb mode
Shooting sensitivity ISO 100-1600 (auto switching)
Exposure control Program AE
Photometry type TTL256 division photometry, multi photometry
White balance Auto
Flash Auto/Flash On/Flash Off/Slow Synchro/Red Eye Correction Capture range: Approx. 50cm-8m
Shooting mode Normal, Double Exposure, Bulb Mode
Self shot timer Approx. 10 sec./ Approx. 2 sec.
Image effects Filters (16 types), brightness adjustment, vignette
Viewing function Trimming, multidisplay
  • Photo Imaging