Extremely light and easy-to-use DR cassette with 35x43cm FPD

Introducing a DR system compatible with your existing X-ray equipment. Allows speedy and efficient workflow with out of bucky functionality as standard.


  • Standard size (35x43cm) DR cassette, weighing only 2.8 kg
  • Fujifilm's new proprietary technology “ISS method” FPD

    • ISS (Irradiation Side Sampling) method

  • Single or multiple panel solutions
  • Unparalleled speed for improved workflow
  • Supports various out of bucky options

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* Weight without cable
** Irradiation Side Sampling

Standard size (35x43cm) DR cassette, weighing only 2.8 kg

The FDR D-EVO is the same standard size (35x43cm) and thickness (14 mm) as an equivalent CR cassette. The other main characteristics of the FDR D-EVO are; it weighs only 2.8 kg, can produce preview images in as little as 3 seconds and can be ready for re-use in just 9 seconds.

As the D-EVO is the same size as a CR cassette it can be handled in exactly the same way out of bucky and it is possible to load it into any existing upright/table X-ray system.

Fujifilm's new proprietary technology “ISS method**” FPD

The “ISS method” provides extremely sharp images even at low doses.

Speedy and efficient workflow, extensive free-position exposure is achieved.

One panel solution
Since it is 14 mm thick and 384 × 460 mm in size, the FDR D-EVO is equivalent to a CR cassette, and thus can be loaded into an existing upright/table exposure system. Also, the FDR D-EVO weighs 2.8 kg* which is nearly as light as a CR cassette (including IP, 2.1 kg), thus achieves friendly usability for customers.

Supporting various positions by table-top exposure

Unparalleled speed improving workflow
Scenario : 2 consecutive exposures operated by one person

Both D-EVO and FCR can be controlled using a single FDR Console Advance making for better usability.

  • FDR D-EVO and FCR can be connected at the same time reducing the amount of space required in the examination room.
  • Optimised workflow is achieved by unifying operations thus eliminating unnecessary steps and reducing the amount of training required on different systems.
  • By unifying the image processing software both CR and DR images can be optimised and sent in a common format to PACS/Print.

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* Weight without cable
** Irradiation Side Sampling