The world's first 43 × 43 cm DR cassette achieved in pursuit of enhanced operability.

This square shaped cassette, which does not require holizontal / vertical switching, greatly streamlines the examination workflow.

  • Square shaped — requires no horizontal / vertical switching
  • Enhanced image processing — Fujifilm's proprietary technology guarantees high image quality
  • Fast imaging — rapid display of images and automatic trimming ensure smooth examinations
  • Wireless* — maximized operability with wireless mode suitable for a wide range of exposure situations (*only with G43i)
  • The world's first “SmartSwitch” technology


  • All products require the regulatory approval of the importing country.
  • For details on their availability, contact our local representative.

Square shaped — requires no horizontal / vertical switching

No need to switch the orientation of the cassette

This square shaped cassette does not need to be switched horizontally or vertically when incorporated in an upright / table X-ray system. It frees users from bothersome procedures during an examination, realizing a comfortable workflow.

Compatible with existing exposure stand

Since this DR cassette is designed as thin as a regular CR cassette fitting the existing stand / table, it enables the DR systems to be introduced at reduced cost.

Enhanced image processing — Fujifilm's proprietary technology guarantees high image quality

Dynamic visualization

Constantly endeavoring to provide the highest image quality, Fujifilm offers a proprietary technology to produce the optimal image for each examination. With the enhanced visibility achieved by this technology, information in greater detail can be obtained from images.

  • New dynamic range control

This new approach is designed to take full advantage of DR's dynamic range capabilities. Fujifilm has created a new full spectrum optimization with dynamic-range control processing. This processing fully utilizes all of the exposure data captured and optimizes its image recognition output. Enhancing visualization of the entire image within the exposure field, even significantly clarifying overexposed and underexposed areas. The effect can be adapted to CR images as well. Allowing clearer detail images regardless of a type of detector.

  • New gradation display optimization

This new processing is designed to maintain the highest contrast possible for the region of interest achieving even wider latitudes than traditional processing, by combining with a new and more enhanced gradation display look up table (LUT) which intelligently optimizes the monitor's display characteristics. This innovative image display optimization has been built to enhance diagnostic viewing with just about any display on the market. Providing easy-to-interpret and rich gradation.

  • New enhanced menu parameters

Compared to film, display monitors have narrower dynamic range and sharpness. Through an in-depth analysis of conventional image processing parameters, we developed a brand new set of automated menu parameters specifically designed to improve sharpness, contrast, and latitude for every anatomic menu. These new parameters enable the best possible first up display for every exam.

Fujifilm's proprietary technology guarantees high image quality

“ISS technology” sees the TFT sensor placed in front of the scintillation layer instead of its traditional position behind it. This technology permits a higher resolution image and reduced doses.

The world's first “SmartSwitch” technology

Fujifilm developed a new technology “SmartSwitch” which allows automatic X-ray detection. With “SmartSwitch,” FDR D-EVO no longer requires connection between the X-ray generator and DR power supply unit to automatically detect X-rays and start image creation.

Mechanism of “SmartSwitch”

In X-ray Auto Detection Mode, DR cassettes detect X-rays at the time of exposure and automatically enter the image detection mode and then the image construction mode.

Fast imaging — rapid display of images and automatic trimming ensure smooth examinations

Speedy display of images greatly shortening examination time

It just takes one second to display the preview image after an exposure and the inter-exposure time in a minimum of 8 seconds. Quick re-exposure is also possible, with no need to have patients wait. High throughput is realized, reducing the examination time significantly.

Automatic image trimming to the appropriate size

X-ray field recognition for an image and image trimming to an appropriate size are performed automatically. With easier editing procedures, images in sizes most suitable for diagnosis are provided.

Wireless* — maximized operability with wireless mode suitable for a wide range of exposure situations (*only with G43i)

Two selectable modes according to the examination environment

Easy and rapid switching between modes is available as required, dependent on examination type. The mode is automatically switched in only 1 sec. by detaching or attaching the cable.

Wireless mode enables free positioning with easy handling. When used as a wireless portable type, table-top exposures are easily performed, allowing exposure situations to be expanded.

With the cable attached, the battery in the cassette can be charged. X-ray procedures run smoothly without any worry about the state of the battery.

Battery charging methods suitable for various environments

By charging the extra battery pack with the designated charger, the battery can be quickly replaced whenever needed, allowing the X-ray procedures to be performed without interruption. The battery lasts about 3.5 hours. The charger is common in the FDR D-EVO series.

With the SE cable attached, the battery used in the cassette can be charged. Even if the battery level becomes low in the wireless mode, X-ray procedures can be carried out without interruption by attaching the cable. The SE cable is common in the FDR D-EVO series.

New CONSOLE ADVANCE with enhanced functions for the FDR D-EVO series

The sophisticated design of the GUI contributes to the safe, comfortable and efficient performance of all radiographic examinations

In addition to the familiar basic operation, new gradation design monitor and the intuitive arrangement of operation buttons make it possible to check and confirm information quickly and accurately. The image display area on the display monitor is larger, and enables easy checking of diagnostic images. An optional touch panel monitor ensures quick and accurate operation.

CONSOLE ADVANCE controls both the FDR D-EVO series and FCR, providing a consistent user interface

  • Both FDR D-EVO and FCR readers can be connected simultaneously thus reducing space requirements in the X-ray room.
  • Workflow is streamlined by removing the need for duplication of data entry.
  • Utilizing a common set of processing algorithms, consistent results are produced from both FCR and FDR D-EVO allowing for easier image management.