Digital general radiography system which offers a lightweight ceiling supported X-ray tube and the cassette type portable flat panel sensor "D-EVO".

  •  Ceiling tube support — lightweight and ergonomically designed
  • Upright stand — variety of examinations
  • Table — flexibility for patient positioning
  • High frequency generator and X-ray tube — meet the high requirement for fast throughput and high quality
  • DR system for general radiography — high image quality is maintained combining with Fujifilm's "Image Intelligence™" technology



Ceiling Tube Support — Lighter and Smoother

The ergonomically designed ceiling tube support provides the technologist with lighter and smoother movement for faster, more efficient workflow. The motorized vertical tube movement has a maximum speed of 150mm / sec.

Upright Stand — Variety of Examinations

Wider range of vertical travel (385mm - 1966mm from the central beam - floor) allows exposures to be carried out from the cervical spine to the lower extremities.

In addition, with the minus 20 degrees to 90 degrees optional angulation capability, the skull and upper extremities can also be examined as with the exposures of the elbow.

Table — Added Flexibility

The floating top table is 2400 mm long x 853mm wide and its motorized height adjustment is between 550mm and 930mm from the floor. Maximum weight capacity is 250kg. These specifications make the table extremely flexible for easy positioning of patients of all shapes and sizes.

High Frequency Generator and X-ray Tube — Customization

A choice of three different generator and tube specifications will ensure a perfect match with your needs.


*Irradiation Side Sampling

DR System for General Radiography — Light-weight, Cassette Sized Flat Panel Sensor

With the combination of Fujifilm's new proprietary "ISS*" technology indirect conversion Flat Panel Detector (FPD) and Image Intelligence™ software, the FDR D-EVO offers extremely high quality images for a FPD system.