InStore Printing

Fujifilm's dedication to fantastic photo creation now extends to a whole new range of photographic services.

With our easy to use touch screen photo kiosks in High Street and Pharmacy locations nationwide we have put a host of exciting options in your hands so that you can get the images you really want.

We've earned our reputation as a producer of high quality films, cameras and prints. And now we've gone a step further to make certain your images are even better. Whatever type of camera you use you can now get fantastic photos and gifts instore or online.

Check out the large range of fun products available instore. From Photo Restoration to Fun Caricatures and Passport Prints to Large Canvasses and Wall Art! For more information on any of the services click on the links to the right.

Canvas Prints and Wall Art!

With canvas prints you can bring out the details of your digital photos using our fantastic canvas and poster prints !

  • Canvas prints are stretched, wrapped and ready to hang.
  • All our canvas prints are sealed to protect against sunlight, dust and minor blemishes.
  • Your children’s art can also be transformed into their own work of art with our canvas prints.

Tips and Hints to get the bet from your canvas prints!

  • When selecting your photo for a canvas print please ensure that the main subject(s) are well within the centre of the page, therefore ensuring that they are not wrapped around the edges of the canvas print.
  • If your photo's subject(s) are close to the edges you can select the white edge canvas print so that you do not lose your photo's content in the wrapping. Your canvas print will contain a white border that appears around the edge of canvas frame.

The print size should be appropriate to the resolution of your image. We suggest the following
minimum image sizes:

  • Size 16" x 12" - 4+ megapixels
  • Size 20" x 16" - 4+ megapixels
  • Size 30" x 20" - 4+ megapixels
Comic Art

Cool Gifts ! Create a Poster and choose what you want to say!
Our comic art service transforms your photos into striking modern art in the style of comic books.

Vintage Watercolour Effects

Another unique way to enhance your photo memories and add a creative flair to your photography !

Oil Painting Effects

A simple and effective way of portraying a precious photo. For those treasured photos you can now add special effects to create a wonderful wall portrait.

Turn a precious moment into a timeless work of art.


Putting a contemporary twist on an ordinary photo and product as stunning wall art !

Now that's what we call an art movement.

Spot Colour Service

Spot colour is the process of taking a normal colour photo and making it Black & White with the exception of key components within the photo. Heres some examples of how you can make a great photo into an outstanding photo !


Simply bring in your photo to your local FUJIFILM store and watch the transformation begin!

Perfect for Rugby, Football, Skiing and Golf fanatics, graduations, retirements and more – choose from our wide range of templates (436K).

Photo Restoration

Make those memories from years ago as good as new.

FUJIFILM can now offer you the most comprehensive range of photo restoration available. We can restore ripped, torn, stained and severely damaged photos, black and white or colour. We can manipulate old photos, replacing backgrounds and even remove persons if required.

Now Available instore – if you are unsure of the restoration service you require click here to view some before and after restorations.

And that’s not all – we now have a full range of services to make good photography into outstanding works of art !

Personalised Gifts

FUJIFILM are making photography so much more fun instore. Develop your digital prints into personalised gifts using our touch screen kiosks.

Choose from our wide range of gifts and wait for the transformation to begin! Please note that photo gift items require 10 Working days.

Want to order from home?  Simply logon to and place your order which will be delivered to your door!


Make those memories last forever in a unique and special way by creating ouir new range of photobooks. Perfect for weddings, holiday photos, birthday celebrations, school year books – in fact any occasion. Its also a great way of preserving your photos in a coffee table style book to show your family and friends.

Choose your theme
Try out different looks and themes:

Visit your local FUJIFILM Store bringing your memory card or photos on CD and ask our friendly assistants for help. Find your local FUJIFILM Store where you can create a photo book.

Poster Print

Our poster prints are printed on pearl paper and allows you to pick your favourite photos and transform them into fun wall features!

HINTS and Tips for Poster Prints!

The print size should be appropriate to the resolution of your image. We suggest the following minimum image sizes:

Size 12" x 10" - 3+ megapixels   
Size 15" x 10" - 4+ megapixels   
Size 16" x 12" - 4+ megapixels
Size 20" x 16" - 4+ megapixels
Size 30" x 20" - 4+ megapixels