Audio CD-Recordable

High speed rotation stabilizer
During playback, the CD disc rotates at an extremely high speed. A range of technical innovations have been intro-duced into high quality CD players that reduce unwanted vibrations to the lowest possible level.
As a result of in-depth studies of vari-ous materials, designs and combi-nations based on the vibration-absorp-tion concept, Fujifilm has successfully developed a new technology called "Rotation Stabilizer" for the latest Fujifilm product "CD-R PRO for AUDIO". In the new "Rotation Stabilizer" technology, special ink con-taining titanium white (which makes it 1.5 times heavier than normal ink) is applied in a thickness double that normally used in printing onto the outer peripheral ring area of the CD-R.
The presence of such a relatively heavy ring shaped layer on the peri- phery of the disc and the difference in characteristics frequency to that of the substrate, successfully reduces un-wanted vibration and enhances tonal quality.

FUJIFILM's new CD-R has achieved an extremely low error rate and a wide performance range. It is capable of satisfying the range of writing condi-tions used by current CD-R writer devices.

FUJIFILM CD-R has achieved not only stable write/read performance but also excellent reliability characteristics. Aging test under high temperature and high humidity (long storage accela-ration test) shows stable error ratio over 1.000 hours (more than100 years
storage under room condition). Light resistance test shows stable error ratio over 100 days under daylight outside.