Fujifilm highlights comprehensive and expanding DR product line at ECR 2012

Evolving FDR product line offers a solution for the varying needs of facilities across Europe

At the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2012 which is held from 1 to 5 March in Vienna, Austria, FUJIFILM Europe presents solutions for Hospital, Clinic and Networking. Traditionally known for its renowned image quality, the medical imaging and informatics company will demonstrate its ability to provide a DR solution for nearly every conventional x-ray need including flat panel detectors, portable systems, room replacements and Digital Mammography. As a foundation of its expanding DR portfolio, Fujifilm initiated a new strategic development program that leverages the company’s dedication to developing products that will tackle the issue of dose management, while providing exceptional image quality, without sacrificing ease of use. The expanding FDR portfolio is strengthened by Fujifilm’s patented advanced detector technology – a key factor to the company’s renowned image quality. Each new FDR system includes Irradiation Side Sampling (ISS), that improves detective quantum efficiency (DQE) by reducing the distance for light signals to reach the sensor. This unique innovation achieves significant dose efficiency improvements compared to similar DR detectors. It also reduces scatter and blur of the fluorescence light, resulting in sharper images with greater detail that enhances diagnostic confidence for the radiologist. The FDR product line includes:

DR Room Solutions

FDR AcSelerate (Csl), a fully integrated dual detector DR system from Fujifilm designed to be a complete radiographic room replacement solution. Fully automated with quick image preview and cycle times, the system also helps improve productivity and enables increased patient throughput to address the busiest environments. The recent upgrades to Fujifilm’s FDR AcSelerate will make it possible for the system to complete future Tomosynthesis exams that will create images of slices through the body using a general x-ray system with a digital radiography detector. Further upgrade will enable Energy Subtraction to eliminate obstructions in spotting anomalies especially in lung fields by capturing two images.
FDR AcSelerate (Cassette Tray Option) allows a wide range of free exposure positions and also advanced applications like Tomosynthesis and Energy subtraction with Multi-Stage Registration. D-EVO Suite: By taking a solutions oriented approach to the need of customers, Fujifilm offers a complete x-ray room all of one hand, integrating all required components, such as generator, x-ray tube, bucky table, upright stand and ceiling suspension. D-EVO Suite system can be combined with whole series of D-EVO panels in order to fulfil and suit every customer needs.

The FDR D-EVO Family of Flat Panel Detectors

The latest additions to the D-EVO family of flat panel detectors will be presented at ECR 2012. By providing a completely cord-free version of its lightweight cassette detector, adding several panel sizes, the world leader in digital x-ray can provide imaging facilities with even greater ease of positioning as well as enhanced flexibility for use in a wider variety of imaging applications. Light-weight flat panel detectors that are available in a variety of sizes:
  • FDR D-EVO (CsI): The new FDR D-EVO C35i combines the best of Fujifilm’s image quality with exceptional dose efficiency.
  • FDR D-EVO G35i & G43i: The wireless versions of the FDR D-EVO series are now available in standard 35x43 cm and 43x43 cm sizes.
  • First time ever in Europe, FUJIFILM will present it newest child within the D-EVO Series, the so called FDR D-EVO C24i, combines the best of Fujifilm’s image quality with exceptional dose efficiency by utilizing ISS technology combined with CsI detector material in a remarkable small size version of 24x30cm.

Mobile Solutions

The FDR Go will be the company’s new DR portable digital x-ray system and the latest addition to its comprehensive and expanding FDR product line. This next generation portable system will offer the benefits of Fujifilm’s FCR Go 2 systems with the enhanced features of DR.
Rounding out the new mobile options at ECR is Fujifilm’s most flexible DR to date; the easily transportable, wireless FDR Go flex. The FDR Go flex offers clinicians with the instant ability to turn nearly any analog portable system, analog x-ray room or remote location in to a DR imaging system. Technicians can simply drop the box into the cassette drawer, and position the notebook easily on top to begin capturing DR images. The lightweight, compact FDR Go flex consists of a wireless FDR D-EVO flat panel detector, a full featured laptop workstation and supporting mini components box.

Digital Mammography Solutions

The line-up of AMULET systems for digital mammography include the systems “AMULET f “, a full function model suitable for both screening and disgnostic examinations with Stereotactic biopsy option. and “AMULET s “, the standard model suitable for screening examinations. Both of them have proven functionality and ergonomic design that achieves improved usability and a more comfortable examination experience while maintaining superior image quality. The performance of “AMULET f “ can also be used as a platform for advanced 3D applications. Fujifilm also presents advanced 3D digital mammography realized with Amulet. With the use of 3D digital mammography technology, a radiologist will see the entire breast in 50 micron 3D image, providing a direct, intuitive and in-depth view of the internal structures, as an advancement of current 2D images.
3D images provide the potential for fine diagnostic performance, short reading time and other related workflow efficiencies which can make 3D Digital Mammography an attractive choice for any breast imaging center. The system provides facilities with the confidence they need for the detailed visualization that is required in mammography.
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