Fujifilm highlights Synapse Solutions at ECR 2012

Attendees of the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) which is held from 1 to 5 March in Vienna, Austria, will see firsthand the benefits of several new Synapse solutions from FUJIFILM Europe. The advanced diagnostic applications provide clinical, workflow and reporting improvements.

Synapse 3D: Extensive input from Radiologists, Cardiologists and Surgeons

Synapse 3D 3.0 is the next generation of Fujifilm’s comprehensive suite of clinical applications. Fujifilm will demonstrate the product’s recent upgrades and benefits that have led to its global success. “While making updates and improvements to Synapse 3D 3.0 we made it a priority to gather extensive input from radiologists, cardiologists and surgeons. This resulted in a new infrastructure which will optimize the processing power of data and support the addition of nine new clinical application tools, with even more upgrades on the way,” says Mitsunori Suzuki, Assistant Manager of Medical Network in Medical Systems Division, FUJIFILM Europe. “And, since many customers are looking for ways to reduce radiation exposure, there are many new MRI applications that are being added to the analysis tool portfolio and options that optimize image quality that may be compromised with reduced radiation scanning protocols.” Synapse 3D 3.0 will feature all of the clinical and diagnostic benefits of Synapse 3D in addition to the following new applications: MR Coronary Analysis, MR Delayed Enhancement, MR Brain Perfusion, Dental Analysis, ADC Map Tool, RECIST and PERCIST for tumor tracking. Access with just one click via “quick launch” mode Because Synapse 3D 3.0 is integrated directly into Synapse PACS, it is enterprise capable and is available at any workstation where Synapse is available, including at home or from remote locations. From the Synapse power jacket or “quick launch” mode, it can readily be accessed with just one click, providing a more efficient workflow for clinicians by eliminating the need to access separate workstations with additional logons, while still maintaining security levels.
Synapse 3D 3.0 incorporates Fujifilm’s 30-plus year history of image visualization. Fujifilm’s patented suites of algorithms, Image Intelligence, have been used to deliver image visualization benefits such as precise segmentation and analysis. Additionally, powered by server-based rendering technology, Synapse 3D enables the radiologist, cardiologist or the technologist to perform the renderings. “With more than 320 facilities around the world, Synapse 3D has seen widespread adoption at hospitals and practices across Europe since its market introduction last year,” Suzuki continues. “Synapse 3D provides more effective information to better support diagnosis and patient care decisions.”

Synapse PACS 4.0: Newest addition to medical informatics portfolio

Another addition to the Fujifilm Synapse family is Synapse PACS 4.0. It includes improvements to image visualization and enhanced ease-of-use to further maximize the user experience and improve overall efficiency.
The key features of Fujifilm’s Synapse PACS 4.0 include:
  • Image processing for all of Fujifilm’s Digital Radiography (DR) and Full Field Digital Mammography (FFDM) systems
  • Advanced integration intelligent archival management, and standards based interoperability across all imaging environments
  • User interface advancements for customizable user interface functions, native 64-bit OS support, active overlays, resident reading, spine labeling and a user dashboard
  • Use of Oracle Database version 11g Enterprise Edition
  • Support for VMware’s Version 5.0 virtualization products
“We listened to our customers and made these improvements based on their feedback,” said Suzuki. “As a result, Synapse 4.0 is faster and much more intuitive, while allowing users to be more productive. This ultimately enables them to spend more time focusing on their patients.” Suzuki continues, “In these uncertain times, facilities are looking for a partnership with a financially stable, customer focused Medical Informatics provider. ”
Fujifilm’s Synapse PACS global customer base has surpassed 3500 systems, and includes a variety of imaging centers and hospitals.

Synapse Mobility: The next generation Zero-Footprint mobile application

Synapse Mobility is the next generation of the company’s popular, zero-footprint mobile application that enables remote access to the entire suite of Synapse products from Apple iOS and Android OS mobile devices, as well as Macintosh- or Windows-based PCs. Synapse Mobility will be among the complete line-up of Synapse products from Fujifilm demonstrated at ECR. Available on a wide variety of products including on iPads, iPhones and Android Smartphones, the current version of Synapse Mobility is readily deployed because it is browser independent and scalable, providing facilities with virtually an unlimited number of users. A differentiator from other mobile applications is Mobility’s ability to display high quality, interactive three-dimensional medical images in any platform that it’s accessed. It provides advanced viewing capabilities for physicians to view three-dimensional images as well as to be able to zoom, window and level, and use MIP/MPR just as they would do at a clinical workstation.
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