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Fujifilm to begin Clinical Trials of 3D Mammography in Europe

European Radiologists one step closer to view a 3D image of breast

A year after clinical trials began in Japan, FUJIFILM Europe announces at the occasion of the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) which is held from 1 to 5 March in Vienna, Austria, that clinical trials for their 3D Digital Mammography technology are about to commence in Europe. The medical imaging and informatics company is currently installing 3D mammography systems at renowned medical centers across the region. Currently commercially available for sale and in use in Europe, Fujifilm’s 3D Digital Mammography is an innovative breast screening technology that presents the images to radiologists in an in-depth, three-dimensional view. Pairs of stereo images of the breast are acquired and then viewed by combining a 3D review workstation and dedicated glasses specifically designed to present 3D breast images. Because 3D Digital Mammography uses a similar clinical workflow as traditional mammography, and because it presents the stereo images in a standard mammographic view of the breast (i.e., LCC, RCC, LMLO, or RMLO) that is familiar for radiologists, it has the potential to increase throughput and diagnostic confidence. The new 3D system will be especially powerful when viewing overlapping tissue, especially in dense breasts, and will enable radiologists to better visualize abnormalities. This assertion is supported by a previous study of 3D stereo digital mammography at Emory University1 that demonstrated a 23 percent increase in sensitivity, and a 46 percent reduction in patient call backs.2 “European clinicians are expressing increased enthusiastic interest in the 3D system. Initial reports of ongoing studies in Germany indicate that the low-dose 3D FFDM system has yielded statistically significant reduction in recall rates” says Joerg Mueller, Application Manager of the Medical Systems Division at FUJIFILM Europe. “These results are very encouraging. We hope to see many more clinics and patients benefit from this new 3D technology.” The global leader in digital mammography with more than 8,500 users throughout the world, Fujifilm is building upon its proven technological foundation for breast screening with its 3D Digital Mammography. Images will be acquired with the Amulet f system upgraded with 3D capability that will combine the use of innovative Direct Optical Switching (DOS) detector technology and Fujifilm’s legacy 50-micron resolution to produce the exceptional image quality and detailed visualization that is particularly critical for interpreting mammography studies. This 50-micron resolution is the foundation for Fujifilm’s entire breast imaging portfolio including its recently launched Amulet f system.    <small>1 Stereoscopic Digital Mammography, 2007. C.J. D’Orsi, M.D., R.M. Pickett, Ph.D., M.S.Newell, M.D.,K.R. Gundry, M.D., S.F.Roberson, M.D., S.R.Bates, M.D. et al</small> <small>2 Getty 2008 - Stereoscopic digital mammography - Improved accuracy of lesion detection in breast cancer screening” in IWDM 2008, LNCS 5116, pp. 74–79, 2008</small>
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