APS-C 16M "X-Trans CMOS"

Developed to take advantage of the exceptional resolution of the XF lens, a revolutionary new sensor inspired by film.

X-Trans CMOS

Moiré is tackled at its root cause by the revolutionary X-Trans CMOS sensor's color filter array. By enhancing aperiodicity (randomness) in the array arrangement, the color filter minimizes generation of both moiré and false colors, eliminating the necessity for an optical low-pass filter in the lens and enabling X-Trans CMOS sensor to capture full “unfiltered” lens performance.
The EXR Processor Pro is supported by an integrated co-processor for higher speed and higher precision image processing performance.

Conventional Array

Repeating pattern in the case of an array of 2 x 2 pixel units.

The optical low-pass filter prevents the occurrence of moire and false colors but results in a loss of resolution.

Lens with optical low-pass filters

  1. 1. Lens
  2. 2. Optical low-pass filter
  3. 3. Sensor

New Filter Array

Higher degree of randomness with an array of 6 x 6 pixel units. Without using an optical low-pass filter, moire and false colors are eliminated while realizing high resolution.

Inspired by the natural random arrangement of the fine grains of silver halide in film.

No optical low-pass filter

  1. 1. Lens
  2. 2. Sensor


  • * Sample photos are simulated images.