Textile Colour Concentrates TK

Textile Colour Concentrate TK is a range of water-based pigment concentrates for use with all water-based textile inks.

Colour Concentrate

Textile Colour Concentrate TK is designed to increase colour strength of Fujifilm water-based textile inks.  These concentrates cannot be printed on their own.



  • Bright, transparent colour concentrates
  • Used with water-based ink
  • VOC free


Applicazione Water based colour concentrate
Intervallo di colore Colour concentrates for line colours
Tessuti compatibili Suitably dyed cotton fabrics
Resistenza al lavaggio a secco Suitable for most dry clean cycles
Velocità di essiccazione/indurimento 160oC for 2-3 minutes
Tecnologia dell'inchiostro Pigment concentrate
Maglia 34-62 monofilament
Assottigliamento Press ready
Resistenza al lavaggio 60°C