Onset S20i

High productivity dedicated UV inkjet flatbed from the industry standard Inca Onset series with world-leading technology. Produces up to 346m2/h, delivering top quality print, reliability and cost savings.

Onset S20i at a glance:

Onset S20i is a 6-channel UV flatbed printer designed to produce over 2000m2 of POP and signage print in an 8 hour production period.

  • Dedicated flatbed with a print area of 3.14 x 1.6m
  • Class leading PoP quality at high throughput speeds up to 346m2/hr
  • Reliable Fujifilm Dimatix Spectra printheads
  • Class leading image vibrancy from the Fujifilm Uvijet ink series
  • Range of material handling/automation options
  • Class leading bed vacuum performance holding up to 80 kg
  • Onset S20i is Inca’s 4th generation of moving flatbed technology, build quality and know-how deliver excellent results and unbeatable uptime

Onset S20i is designed to deliver a daily throughput requirement for rigid PoP over 350m2 per day with excellent image quality and colour consistency. It meets the application needs of screen, offset and wide format digital printers, delivering high productivity throughput at like-for-like print quality.

Dedicated flatbed

Flatbed design for ease of loading and positioning with rigid materials, with a best-in-class capacity of 80kg and maximum media thickness of 50mm. Dual registration points ensure accurate and simple registration.

Full-width printhead array

With a full-width printhead array, the image is printed with the printheads in a fixed position, not scanning across the media, so images do not suffer from textural banding. FUJIFILM Dimatix Spectra heads have proven their reliability in full production for many years. Onset S20i uses an optimum fixed drop size which produces excellent quality at high speed print modes.

Satin to gloss finish

Choice of print finishes from low glare satin to high impact gloss.

Built for high performance

Linear motors and vibration free air bearings for smooth and rapid positioning of the print carriage achieves uniquely accurate ink drop placement. Onset S20i is Inca Digital's 4th generation of moving print bed technology.

Full-width UV lamp system

Dual UV curing lamps provide the option to print bi-directionally. The system can also vary the dosage to produce the range of print finishes.

Automation options

A range of powerful, efficient semi-automatic material handling systems are available which still enable quick access to the bed for short-run jobs.

Uvijet inks

Using Fujifilm's unique Micro-V ultrafine dispersion technology to maximise pigment loading, the Uvijet range of UV curing inks delivers strong, vibrant, lightfast colours with greater image quality and superior colour gamut.

Intelligent print quality management

iNozzle intelligent nozzle mapping system maintains print quality even if print nozzles are missing or deviating which would otherwise be seen as very visible print defects.

Intelligent material height detection

The material height detection system ignores small defects in the material surface which do not pose a risk to the print carriage, with reduced stoppages and downtime. It detects substrate lift at multiple points, reducing the risk of damage to lamps and the print carriage, and is unaffected by heat haze from the UV lamps.

Intelligent cleaning

Sensors monitor the amount of UV light exposure around the print carriage and control the cleaning cycles in between prints to maintain optimum performance.

Reporting software

ReporterPro allows you to view important aspects of the machine’s operation, including uptime, total prints made, ink usage and nozzle mapping. This is a very useful function for owners and production managers who want to monitor productivity, especially in a shift environment.