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Stabiscope™ Series

Binoculars with Gyroscopical image-stabilization for vibration-free viewing from boats, automobiles and other places subject to vibrations.

Fascinating views with no jittering

The Stabiscopes offer stable vision from any kind of vehicle, regardless if it is a helicopter, all-terrain vehicle or speedboat. The outstanding performance of the reliable mechanics and precision-made optical system allow brilliant handheld views at 12 x and 16 x magnifications. A Day+Night version with high-grade Photonis image intensifiers is available, too. The Stabiscopes’ technological predominance has turned them into a world-wide reference for stabilized binoculars. They are preferred by air force units, special police forces, SAR units and customs service. Even NASA is using them in its space program.

  • Enjoy a rock-steady view During long periods of hand-held observation
  • While out at sea
  • When observing from moving cars or helicopters
The Stabicospe in detail
  • Gyroscopic image stabilization with unsurpassed vibration suppression on moving vehicles and helicopters
  • Designed with water and fog proof construction (Nitrogen Purged).
  • Maximum stabilization range of ±5º in all directions.
  • Low-consumption power supply either via batteries or external DC regulator
  • Extremely tough body to protect against impacts and scratching
  • Ideal for hand-held use even with gloves on






Stabiscope S12x40

Ingrandimento 12x
Sollievo oculare in mm 17
Campo di visualizzazione 4.7°
Campo di visualizzazione a 1.000 m in m 82
Pupilla di uscita in mm 3.3
Fattore crepuscolare 21.9
Lunghezza in mm 210
Larghezza max. in mm 200
Peso (kg) 1.8
Cintura di trasporto Supplied

Stabiscope S16x40

Ingrandimento 16x
Sollievo oculare in mm 12
Campo di visualizzazione 3.4°
Campo di visualizzazione a 1.000 m in m 60
Pupilla di uscita in mm 2.5
Fattore crepuscolare 25.3
Intervallo di distanza interpupillare (mm) 60~70
Lunghezza in mm 210
Larghezza max. in mm 200
Peso (kg) 1.8
Cintura di trasporto Supplied