Tilburg Research Laboratories

R&D Center in Europe

Tilburg Research Laboratories are the European R&D center for membranes and recombinant peptides and are located on the largest production site of Fujifilm in Europe, namely in the city of Tilburg, The Netherlands. The center combines the operational excellence of production with Fujifilm’s fundamental technologies and cooperates with knowledge institutes in Europe.

Technology platforms:

The gas separation membrane consists of an ultra thin coating on a porous substrate. The membrane is able to select different kind of gas molecules. For example this membrane purifies natural gas by separating CO2 from methane.

An ion exchange membrane contains polymers that allows only positively or negatively charged particles to pass. Water can be softened or desalinated with this membrane or waste streams can be purified. Ion exchange membranes are also able to generate electrical energy by mixing fresh and salt water, so-called “Blue Energy”.

Recombinant peptide is artificial gelatine that it is obtained from a biotechnological process. The non-animal origin makes this development very suitable for medical and pharmaceutical applications.