Fujifilm Introducing Digital Mammography System ``AMULET´´



Equipped with a novel direct conversion FPD with the World´s smallest pixel size of 50µm. Its low-noise and high-precision images will facilitate more accurate diagnosis of breast cancer.

Fujifilm Corporation will launch its digital mammography system AMULET on December 5, 2008 to enhance its digital mammography lineup. It is the world´s first digital mammography system to be equipped with a revolutionary direct conversion flat panel detector (FPD) technology. This patented system provides the world´s small pixel size of 50µm and produces both high resolution and low noise images which will contribute to more accurate diagnosis of breast cancer. The AMULET system is first being launched in Japan, with a planned rollout in Europe to follow. Characteristics of the new product

``Direct Optical Switching technology´´ captures high resolution and low noise image electrical signals. The new format FPD has a proprietary panel structure with a double layer of amorphous selenium that has high X-ray absorption properties. It was developed by using Fujifilm´s ``device development technology`` and ``vacuum deposition technology.´´ The first layer efficiently converts X-rays into electrical signals, while the second layer employs the unique ``Direct Optical Switching technology,´´ that captures higher resolution and lower noise image electrical signals rather than using electrical switches like conventional TFTs. By achieving both ``50µm fine pixel size (higher resolution) and low noise,´´ which is said to be difficult to achieve with TFT, the AMULET system can show microcalcifications and tumors in greater detail, both significant indicators for early diagnosis of breast cancer.

Achieves 15 second (approx.) exposure interval The ``Direct Optical Switching technology´´ enables the detector´s reset time to be shortened through the use of high intensity light exposure; this in turn enables the interval from after x-ray exposure until ready for next exposure to be shortened to approximately 15 seconds. This allows many images to be captured more rapidly thus improving workflow and reducing stress for those waiting for examinations.

Employs women-friendly ergonomic design The ergonomic design of the unit was developed following the thorough evaluation by experienced female radiologic technologists. The discomfort during examination has been significantly reduced by the design of armrests which allow a comfortable position to be maintained and the use of various pads around the breast support to further reduce discomfort.

In the field of breast cancer diagnosis field, Fujifilm introduced the ``FCR PROFECT CS,´´ a high-definition scanning cassette-based digital mammography system in 2003. The ``FCR PROFECT CS´´ has already sold over 6,000 units globally and has gained solid trust and high praise from numerous healthcare institutions both in Japan and around the world. By adding AMULET, the DR mammography system equipped with X-ray source, to its lineup, Fujifilm will continue to provide the best solutions to meet the wide-ranging needs of diagnostic imaging. Fujifilm is reinforcing its efforts in the Medical & Life Science Business as one of the priority areas, based on its Corporate Philosophy of ``using leading-edge, proprietary technologies to help enhance the quality of life of people.´´

December 2, 2008


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