Introducing Fujifilm New ``Photobook´´ Plug-in Software for Print Order Terminal



FUJIFILM Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of a new enhancement for its TS software, The Order Terminal Plug-in software for Photobook - a new software which will further expand Photobook solutions.

With the rapid emergence of the digital era, the “photo-life” of consumers is becoming ever more diverse, leading to increased orders for value-added services and products. Market growth has been particularly promising for photobook services, which create photo albums from multiple images. The market began to embrace the photobook concept around 2005, and the rate of growth is expected to remain high into the future.

Anyone can easily order his or her original photobook using the simple, easy-to- understand instructions based on Fujifilm’s superior software technologies and a various selection of templates for backgrounds and frames.

The new Order Terminal Plug-in software for Photobook enables customers to place orders at a store to be printed by either the Frontier digital minilab on silver halide photographic color paper, to offer attractive photobook services with exceptional image quality or by the Xerox’s Phaser 7760, which represents the essential component for providing photobook services as double sided printing. Whatever type of photobook customers choose, they are sure to be pleased with the outstanding color reproduction made possible by Image IntelligenceTM, our proprietary image processing technology that delivers optimal color adjustment for every single image.

The Order Terminal Plug-in software for Photobook was developed to offer more attractive services to customers through a broader range of channels. With this plug-in installed, a Frontier digital minilab can produce high-quality photobooks of silver halide photographs in various sizes including 4 x 6-in. (102 x 152mm), 6 x 6-in. (152 x 152mm) and 8 x 10-in. (203 x 254mm). This optional plug-in adds functionality to TS software that allows customers to easily and comfortably place photobook orders using print order terminal touch screens. Fujifilm is committed to further enhancing photobook services that provide high-quality silver halide photography quickly and easily.

Fujifilm will continue to develop and present printing services for a variety of printers by applying the Fujifilm Group’s premier technologies and expertise as the leader in the field of imaging.


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