Introducing the Internet Photo System (IPS) and FUJIFILM Printshop


After the acquisition of IP Labs GmbH at the beginning of 2008, FUJIFILM Corporation announces the new version of its leading online photo service software platform Internet Photo System (IPS) for high volume photo service providers, and the brand-new Internet Photo System for Minilabs (FUJIFILM Printshop) suited for the needs of specialized photo retailers and small to medium sized photo retail chains.

Internet Photo System (IPS) The IPS platform supports online ordering of virtually any photo product including digital photo prints, posters, greeting cards, personalized photo gifts (such as mugs, T- shirts, puzzles and many more), collages, calendars and photobooks as well as photo management and online storage functionalities. IPS embraces new software versions for all ordering channels.

Premium Software

- The new PhotoWeb features the new Online Composer module that allows for the creation of beautiful collages including the use of multiple images, backgrounds, frames, masks and many other customizing options online. Furthermore, the new release of PhotoWeb features the revolutionary online photobook module with postponed upload technology. A completely revised online storage module rounds off this great release. - The new PhotoGenie Windows now offers the first real 3D preview of personalized photo gifts and photobooks. Also, PhotoGenie includes a wide range of themes and graphics for customizing photobooks and other products. - The new PhotoGenie Mac is the only true Mac OS X photo service software. It features the full product portfolio and, in addition to many new functions, the interface was completely revised to fit the user interface guidelines of Leopard.

As an extension to the existing platforms, IP Labs GmbH will further present the new PhotoGenie Touch greeting card application for the Apple iPhone.

FUJIFILM Printshop FUJIFILM Printshop brings the power of online ordering through IPS to specialized photo retailers and small to medium sized photo retail chains. The easy-to-use and highly flexible FUJIFILM Printshop BackOffice interface allows the photo retailer to set up a complete online photo service platform including PhotoWeb and PhotoGenie Windows in just a few clicks. The retailer can customize product portfolio, pricing, the complete interface and much more. Also, the BackOffice features all necessary functions for CRM (Customer Relations Management), including order confirmations via e-mail, coupon generation and an e-mail newsletter system for marketing campaigns as well as access to all order information for customer care. FUJIFILM Printshop is integrated with the existing FUJIFILM Frontier interface. As part of the Expanding Frontier Solutions lineup, FUJIFILM Printshop helps photo shops around the globe to access the world of online photo service.


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