Photobook on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Album Paper: `Photobook brilliant´, the new quality standard in the photobook market



At Photokina Fujifilm will present a premium photobook under the name ‚FUJFILM Photobook brilliant’. The book is being produced on real photo paper which was developed and produced by Fujifilm especially for this application: Fujicolor Crystal Archive Album Paper. By offering this new product Fujifilm sets a new quality standard on the photobook market.

Real photo paper allows for brilliant colors, a perfect reproduction of details as well as a longer durability and color consistency. The particular Leporello-binding offers persistancy and high stability as well as full flatness of the opened book. It results in available space of up to 20x60 cm of the opened book. This is ideal for presenting panorama photos. The start on the European market is planned in two sizes: 20x20 cm and 20x30cm, the number of pages can be 24, 40 or 54. Additional formats are under preparation.

Orders online or via order-it Terminal The new premium photobook can be ordered online. In the background the order software is working which was developed by the software company IP Labs which belongs to the Fujifilm group. The software can be handled easily, offers a lot of layout possibilities and can be obtained for download free of charge at selected partners of Fujifilm. The ‘Photobook brilliant’ can also be ordered via FUJIFILM order-it Terminal; in that case it is currently limited to 24 pages. The delivery time amounts to approximately one week.

As to quality the new `Photobook brilliant´ sets considerable high benchmarks and therefore is appropriate for demanding customers who attach great importance to an excellent reproduction of their photos. The European-wide market itroduction will start from September 2008.

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