Custom CMOS Sensor x New EXR Processor

Just as your senses seek to capture the beauty, the heart of the FinePix X100 collects every ray of light to attain the ultimate image quality.


APS-C 12M CMOS Sensor

Packing 12.3 million pixels, the large APS-C CMOS sensor debuts a new standard in high sensitivity/low noise performance and superior image quality, achieving about 10 times the sensitivity of any conventional FinePix compact to date. In addition, using an ingenious approach to the drive and mechanics of the sensor, heat generated by the large-size sensor is effectively dissipated, preventing degradation of performance and image quality.

(Left) Sensor Center (Right) Sensor Edge Area
  • Sensor Center
  • Sensor Edge Area
  1. I. Before Customization
  2. II. After Customization
  3. 1. Light
  4. 2. Microlens Array
  5. 3. Photodiode

Customized to Maximize Lens Performance

By optimizing the arrangement of the microlens array for the special FinePix X100 lens, the angle of captured incident light from the lens is expanded, improving light collection all the way to the edge area of the image sensor. As a result, a sufficient quantity of light can be directed to the photodiodes for the production of exceptionally sharp and clear image quality even in the image edge areas.

(Left) Before Customization (Right) After Customization
  • Before Customization
  • After Customization

New EXR Processor

The synergy of the APS-C CMOS Sensor and the new EXR Processor produces exceptional image quality every time you press the shutter. Featuring dual CPUs, EXR Core and a Reconfigurable Processor, this next-generation processing engine elevates the performance of Fujifilm's innovative EXR technology trio: HR (High Resolution), DR (Wide Dynamic Range) and SN (High Sensitivity & Low Noise). While delivering the highest image quality every produced by a FinePix camera, the EXR Processor also lets you enjoy a host of advanced functions such as HD Video and high-speed continuous shooting. The chip also integrates a new Vector Graphics Processor that drives the improved image quality and readability of the new GUI.

EXR Technology Trio

HR: High Resolution Technology

When lighting is bright and even, HR technology uses full resolution and the power of advanced signal processing to capture the finest detail. From the leaves of the trees to a wisp of hair in a portrait, every detail is captured with astonishing clarity and definition.

DR: Wide Dynamic Range Technology

In high contrast scenes, DR technology prevents washed out highlights and shadow detail lost to blackness. When shooting portraits under strong sunlight or landscapes with a strong contrast between bright and dark areas, DR technology brings out the natural tonality in both highlights and shadow.

SN: High Sensitivity & Low Noise Technology

Even shooting at high sensitivity, the clarity is stunning with extremely low noise and minimal false color generation. Indoors and in other low-light scenes, SN technology captures the natural beauty of the moment.


  • * Sample photos are simulated images.