Newly Developed Fujinon 23mm F2 Lens

Fixed focal length lens designed with a passion for performance captures the excitement in vivid detail and expand your range of expression.

23mm F2 Single Focal Lens (Equivalent to 35mm/135 Format)

The best image quality without compromise, packed into a slim compact body that you want to take everywhere with you... These were the aims when the FinePix X100 was being developed. And they have been achieved through the incorporation of a newly developed, non-interchangeable, non-collapsible, fixed focal length lens. While featuring the generous brightness of a maximum F2 aperture, the large-diameter rear lens group is integrated into the body for an ultra-slim profile. In addition, the optimization of the sensor for this special lens fully exploits the advantage of a fixed focal length lens for superior edge-to-edge image quality.

Optical Design with a Priority on Performance

The simple lens configuration of 6 groups/8 elements centered on a spherical lens is all manufactured from glass. High refractive index glass is used for the single high-performance double-sided aspheric lens and all convex lens elements. The pursuit of uncompromising image quality continues with the adoption of other technology in the FinePix X100 lens design including front group focusing for image quality stability and Super EBC coating for ghost-free clear images. The result is perfectly balanced optical excellence promising low aberrations, sharp resolution and faithful color reproduction.


Providing a circular opening at the largest aperture, the 9-blade aperture diaphragm lets you capture pleasingly defocused background effects. Even with a slightly wide angle, the background is softly out of focus while the foreground is sharply defined. At F2 to F4, the circular “bokeh” effect is especially beautiful.

10cm Macro

The FinePix X100 lets you bring the tip of the lens as close as 10cm from flowers, cuisine and accessories and other subjects to reveal extraordinary detail. With macro photography to reveal the extraordinary in the ordinary.

(Left) ND Filter OFF (Right) ND Filter ON
  • ND Filter OFF
  • ND Filter ON

The Built-in ND Filter

Equivalent to 3f-stops, the ND filter in the Fine Pix X100 lens reduces the amount of light to 1/8. In situations where the light is very strong but you want to shoot at a slow shutter speed or do not desire to close the aperture, the built-in ND filter captures the flow of water or flowers swaying in the breeze in bright sunlight or professional portraits with a beautiful defocused background.


  • * Sample photos are simulated images.