When Camera Meets the Grand Expression

Selected functions that let you capture the moment as the total experience. The FinePix X100 is much more than a precision instrument for your endless fascination of photography.

Powerful Built-in Auto Bracketing Functions

Empowering you with a choice of 4 different auto bracketing functions (AE, ISO Sensitivity, Dynamic Range and Film Simulation), the FinePix X100 lets you experience the wide world of photographic expression.

Dynamic Range Bracketing

Select this bracketing mode, press the shutter once and capture 3 exposures of the same scene with high-speed continuous shooting, each at a different dynamic range setting (100%, 200% and 400%).

(Left) 100% (Center) 200% (Right) 400%
  • 100%
  • 200%
  • 400%

Film Simulation Bracketing

One press of the shutter produces 3 images of the scene, each with a different Film Simulation effect (PROVIA, Velvia & ASTIA) based on a single exposure.

(Left) PROVIA (Center) Velvia (Right) ASTIA
  • Velvia

AE Bracketing

One press of the shutter captures 3 shots of the same scene at different exposures. AE bracketing can be set in 1/3, 2/3 and 1 EV steps.

ISO Sensitivity Bracketing

Based on a single exposure, this bracketing function automatically reproduces the scene as 3 images, each with a different ISO sensitivity, letting you capture the moment with varying degrees of brightness. Setting is possible in 1/3, 2/3 and 1 EV steps.

5fps High Speed Continuous Shooting

The combination of the high readout speed of the CMOS sensor and the improved processing speed of the EXR Processor enable the FinePix X100 to shoot 5 frames per second (maximum capacity: 10 frames). Capture a series of exposures of moving subjects and other challenging photographic scenes with high-speed continuous shooting performance and later select the best shot.


49 Points Selectable AF

Within the screen, the auto focus area is divided into a 49-point matrix (25 points in the case of OVF). AF accurately and swiftly recognizes the primary subject and brings it into crystal clear focus, and also lets you freely select the position of the AF frame. Using the electronic viewfinder and the LCD monitor, you can also change the AF frame size and pinpoint the focusing.

0.01s Shutter Time Lag

When using an OVF you reduce shutter lag (and therefore missed photo opportunities) as your eye and your subject don't have a sensor in between them to delay the transfer of the data.

High-speed Contrast Detection Auto Focus

Accelerated by the combination of the high-speed signal readout of the fast CMOS sensor and the newly developed EXR Processor, the contrast detection AF deliver a huge leap in speed and precision so you never miss a shot.

2 Manual Focusing Methods

The distance index bar is displayed in the viewfinder together with the depth of field scale and aperture value, providing helpful guides for focusing. It is also possible to adjust focus by rotating the focus ring while checking the image in Live View. One touch focus point zoom is also available to confirm a sharp focus.

Other Focus Features

AF Assist Lamp for Low-Light Scenes

In low light settings when even the subject is hard to see through the viewfinder, the AF Assist Lamp illuminates the subject and assists Auto Focus.

High-precision AF Even for Macro Shooting

Even in the case of macro photography where depth-of-field is shallow and focusing requires extreme precision, AF deliver superbly sharp focus for subjects as close as 10cm from the lens.

Diopter Adjustment Dial

Located next to the viewfinder, the dial lets you adjust viewfinder focus from -2 to +1 to accommodate eyeglass wearers.

Operation-oriented Functions

Satisfying Shutter Sensation

The feel and sound of the shutter are also important design elements. Every factor from the location and size of the shutter button to the stroke when half and fully depressed was given passionate scrutiny. Users can select from 4 types of shutter sound: Lens Shutter, Focal Plane Shutter, Mirror Up, and Silent Shutter.

Quick “ON” Mode

After powering OFF the FinePix X100, it enters a sleep state for up to 20 minutes. If the power is turned ON during this time, the FinePix X100 wakes in 0.7 sec (compared with a cold start time of 2.6 sec.) and is ready for you to frame and capture the moment.

Customization Functions

Fn Button for One-touch Access to a Frequently Used Function

You can assign any one of the following frequently used functions to the Fn (Function) Button and enjoy smooth one-touch controls during shooting: ISO sensitivity (default setting), Depth of field confirmation, Image size, Image quality mode, Dynamic range, Film simulation, ND filter ON/OFF, AF mode selection (area selection/auto area), Movie shooting, Custom setting and Self timer.

Save Custom Settings

The FinePix X100 lets you create, save and instantly recall up to 3 sets of user defined settings covering all parameters from ISO sensitivity and image size to white balance. No fumbling through menus and missing the shot. When the moment comes, you are always ready with your favorite pre-defined settings to smoothly capture the scene.

Motion Panorama 180 - Photo Gallery Quality

As you sweep the camera across the scene, the FinePix X100 captures multiple images and seamlessly stitches them together into a single panorama photo. Even when enlarged to an A3 size print, there is virtually no loss of resolution. Holding the camera horizontally or vertically, Motion Panorama lets you shoot 120° or 180° views.

Super Intelligent Flash

Adopting Fujifilm's original TTL automatic flash control technology, the built-in high-precision flash system is ready to supplement lighting when shooting small items or capturing special occasions indoors and other low-light scenes. When even more light is required or shooting with the lens hood attached, you can use a separately sold TTL flash.

HD Movie

Premium Quality Movies

Exploiting the amazing quality and performance of the large CMOS sensor and high-speed processor, the FinePix X100 can shoot up to 10 minutes of high-definition movies (720p, 24fps). In addition to full AUTO exposure, you can also shoot with aperture priority AE. Taking advantage of the bright F2 lens, you can capture movies with a softly defocused “bokeh” background. Later with plug-and-play ease, connect the camera directly to your TV with the HDMI cable (sold separately) and enjoy sharing your movies complete with stereo audio on the big screen.

3x Digital Zoom Movie Shooting

Just press the Playback Zoom In Button any time while shooting to switch to 3x digital zoom, tripling the lens focal length to 105mm (135 equivalent).


  • * Sample photos are simulated images.