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Shoot 2D/3D Hybrid

The FinePix REAL 3D W3 comes loaded with a variety of functions for both 3D and 2D. Super Intelligent Flash and Scene Position automatically make the optimal settings to match your scene.

10.0 Megapixels & Fujinon 3x Optical Zoom

This camera is a real multi-tasker! Not only can it shoot in spectacular 3D, but you can also switch to standard 2D mode and use it as a normal camera. There are even special features that allow you to use the fact that the camera has two lenses and two sensors and take two different photos at once! Also, Super Intelligent Flash and Scene Position are featured to automatically make the optical settings to match your scene.

Advanced 2D Mode

With two lenses and two sensors, the W3 camera is effectively two cameras in one. These advanced 2D modes allow you to benefit from the two cameras independently with Dual Shooting modes taking two shots at the same time and capturing the same scene in different colors, at different zoom lengths and at different sensitivities.

Tele/Wide Simultaneous Shooting

Zoom in on your subject and also take a wide-angle shot of the same scene at the same time. The twin-lens system lets you freely set the zoom magnification for one lens while the other is set to wide angle, letting you capture the exact same instant with totally different angles of view.

  • * With Tele/Wide Simultaneous Shooting, the left lens can zoom while the right lens is fixed in a wide angle setting.

2-Color Simultaneous Shooting

Change the settings and with one press of the shutter, you can take two photos of the same scene with a different color tonality. Set one lens system to Standard and the other to the vivid colors of Chrome. You can also capture the scene in both Standard and vintage Black & White or shoot simultaneously with Chrome and Black & White. Fujifilm doubles your enjoyment of every moment.

2-Sensitivity Simultaneous Shooting

Take two photos of the same instant - one at high sensitivity and one at low sensitivity. For example, you can take panned shots of a moving subject at the exact same instant with different degrees of background motion blur. In dark scenes, you can prioritize blur reduction for one shot, and image quality for the other. For times when you are not sure which sensitivity setting is best, you can shoot the moment at two settings and later pick the image to keep during playback.

Switch 3D/2D Button

You can still capture normal photos in 2D with this camera. Just press the 2D-3D button to toggle between the two settings. 2D/3D button can also be used in “Playback” mode.

Manual Shooting Functions

Choose “M” (Manual) Mode for the freedom to set shutter speed and aperture. Get instant control of depth of field in “A” (Aperture Priority) Mode. With the built-in “P” (Program) Mode, the camera automatically sets the shutter speed and aperture value. Take the shot you want, whether it is in 2D or 3D.

Super Intelligent Flash

This advanced flash system automatically adjusts flash output and timing to capture subjects and background in bright natural detail over the full flash range. No more flash washout even when taking ultra close-up shots.

  • * Macro can be set at 38cm in 3D mode and 8cm in 2D mode.

3D/2D Continuous Shooting

Never miss the moment capturing the scene in continual frames.

2 frames / sec. max 40 frames (size S)
1 frame / sec. max 40 frames, 3 frames / sec. max 40 frames (size S)

Mode Dial and Scene Position

Easy-to-select Mode Dial and Scene Position. Just select the Scene Position (SP) that matches the subject and situation. The camera automatically optimizes every setting from shutter speed and white balance to sensitivity and even selects whether or not the flash is required. Moments are captured with the best possible results for both 2D and 3D photos.

Mode Dial

The easiest mode for taking pictures. Use this mode for ordinary photography.
Scene Position
Choose a SP scene suited to the subject or shooting conditions and the camera will do the rest.
Provides detailed settings that are impossible to set in Auto mode.
Aperture Priority Auto
An automatic mode to set the aperture.
Program Auto
An automatic mode to specify the settings except for the shutter speed and aperture setting.
Adv. 2D
Simultaneously captures one set of the following 3 shooting types: Wide angle / zoom, standard / black & white, or high sensitivity / low sensitivity photos.
Adv. 3D
Take two pictures with the left lens for greater freedom in framing 3D photos.

Scene Positions for Every Moment

Natural Light & with Flash
Shoots 2 images continuously, without flash and with flash. Comes in great handy during marginal shooting situations.
Natural Light
Produces beautiful images that retain the natural ambience when shots are taken in low-light conditions.
Set for shooting portraits. Skin tones are softened as it enhances the overall natural look.
Best for shooting scenery in daylight capturing clear and sharp shots of buildings and mountains effectively.
A quick recognition of persons in motion or objects for a faster shutter speed to help you catch the perfect moment.
Mode for shooting evening and night scenes. A picture is taken with a slow shutter.
Night (Tripod)
Clear shots of twilight scenes using tripod.
Capture sunset scenes vivid in color.
Most adaptable to snow scenes without unnatural darkened images or where the whole screen appears white.
Clear shots of people without darkened images under strong sunlight.
Best for shooting underwater capturing clear images of the ocean blue.
Best for shooting indoor weddings or parties. Retains the natural ambience in low-light conditions.
Anti Blur
Gives blur free results by preventing camera shake on moving subjects.


  • * Sample photos are simulated images.