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Fujifilm in Europe: a success story of lasting growth and transformation across diverse fields! From its original business in photo film, the company has diversified to become an international corporation with a leading position in many business fields.
Fujifilm first made a name for itself as a film manufacturer. Its signature green film boxes were in stores everywhere, and the green Fujifilm airship became a familiar sight at sports events. However, around 2000 the market for film began to shrink rapidly as digital photography took off. Fujifilm met this challenge with a remarkably successful business transformation.



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50 years of Fujifilm in Europe: On July 7, 1966, Fuji Photo Film Europe GmbH was entered in the commercial register in Düsseldorf. Expanding from there first to the UK in 1976 and then across the continent, today the company has a dense network of production facilities and offices throughout Europe

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