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‘David Bowie Unseen’: FUJIFILM supports new exhibition of Markus Klinko pictures in Basel

Photo: Markus Klinko, Post Production: Koala

Photo: Markus Klinko, Post Production: Koala

A new exhibition of more than 20 original pictures by world renowned photographer Markus Klinko will open in Basel on March 24th.

Following a very successful exhibition at the Markowicz Fine Art Gallery in Miami, the prints will now be available to see in Europe at the Licht Feld Gallery, Basel.  Further exhibitions will follow across the world, such is the popularity of the images.

Markus Klinko, who was originally born in Switzerland but works in the US, is a fashion/celebrity photographer, who worked closely with David Bowie in some of his most creative years, and photographed the cover of the album ‘Heathen’.  After Bowie’s death earlier this year, Markus decided some his archive pictures need new life. ‘After he died, I decided to pick some never-before used images from my archives and blow them up really big and bring them around the world’.

Markus shot the original pictures on Fujifilm Provia medium format film, and with Fujifilm’s help, has had the original transparencies scanned and printed on FUJIFLEX Crystal Archive Material. Markus chose FUJIFLEX material carefully as it is designed exclusively for high-quality digital output on large-format laser printers. The PET (polyester) base means prints are superbly smooth with a sharp, transparent super-gloss finish.

Attendees at the exhibition will be able to meet Klinko at the private Opening on Thursday, March 24th, at the Licht Feld Gallery. Klinko’s high quality, fine-art photographic prints of the late David Bowie will be available for sale exclusively at the event. The photographs are limited editions autographed by Klinko, and are available in a variety of sizes. After the March 24th event, the exhibition will be open to the public from March 25th to April 10th.

Markus Klinko also uses the FUJIFILM X-Pro1 to shoot award winning images, and was one of the first professional photographers to start using the FUJIFILM X-Pro2. Since then, Klinko is featured in an X-Pro2 promotional video; it can be viewed at FUJIFILM X-Pro2 x Markus & Koala. Looking ahead, Fujifilm and Klinko will continue to seek possible partnership collaborations across the world, especially with the increasing popular X-Pro2. 


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