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DEKALU more than doubles its production output with Acuity F

Fujifilm DEKALU owner, Jeroen Rengelink

Fujifilm DEKALU owner, Jeroen Rengelink

Based in the town of Winterswijk in the east of the Netherlands, family-run printer, DEKALU, has seen its output soar after adding the high-performance Acuity F wide format flatbed printer to its production suite. Specialising in POS and signage for the retail sector, including the production of a range of added value creative applications such as lenticular posters and displays, DEKALU has a broad customer base in both the Netherlands and Germany, all of whom place tremendous value on the quality and reliability of its work.

DEKALU saw the potential to grow its business with its existing customers, as well as bringing in new clients – if it could find a way to significantly step up productivity. Company owner, Jeroen Rengelink explains: “Quality has always been vital to our customers, but we’ve found recently that speed of delivery is becoming just as important. The delivery times our customers are demanding of us are getting shorter all the time and we realised that we needed to find a way to significantly boost our production speed in order to fulfil all the potential work that was coming our way.

“We were running two Fujifilm Acuity Select HS flatbed printers, and as we’ve enjoyed an excellent relationship with Fujifilm since the first of those presses was installed in 2009, it was natural that we would look to continue to work with the company. In the Acuity F, Fujifilm was able to provide the perfect platform for us to make the necessary step up in productivity.”

And six months on from installation, the Acuity F has done just that. “We’ve more than doubled our production capacity,” says Rengelink. “And we’ve grown our business to fill that new capacity. The speed with which we can turn jobs around now is extraordinary, and the investment has enabled us to take on a huge amount of fast turnaround work that we simply could not have delivered in time a year ago.”

And, importantly for DEKALU, quality has not been compromised in the process: “Our customers already respected the reliable high quality of our Acuity HS printers,” Rengelink explains. “But they’ve told us that if anything, the quality of print produced on the Acuity F is even greater. We couldn’t be happier with it and the continuing high level of support that we are getting from the Fujifilm team in the Netherlands.”

Says Nils Gottfried, Product Manager, Wide Format Inkjet Solutions, Fujifilm EMEA, “Fujifilm and DEKALU have enjoyed a very successful partnership for seven years now – and we are delighted to have been able to assist them in achieving such rapid growth in their business this year. Fujifilm has a huge range of wide format solutions available to meet all business needs, and with the Acuity F, and the right support, we’re pleased to have been able to provide the perfect means for DEKALU to grow and realise its full potential.”

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