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Expanding the high-function chemicals and laboratory chemicals business Fujifilm launches the Fine Chemical Business Division

Reinforcing the business structure for synergy with Wako Pure Chemical Industries


FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) has launched the Fine Chemical Division as of April 1, 2017 to expand its business of high-function chemicals and laboratory chemicals.

High-function chemicals are expected to make a strong growth with applications in a wide range of fields. Examples of high-function chemicals are raw materials for producing super-absorbent polymers, used in daily commodities, and photoresists*, required to manufacture semiconductors. There is an expanding demand for such daily commodities mainly in emerging economies, while semiconductor materials are also expected to continue achieving strong market growth with the advancement of ICT.

The market for laboratory chemicals is predicted to make a solid growth, due to their applications in R&D for new drugs and other cutting-edge technologies and products, as well as in environmental analysis on water and soil quality.

Fujifilm has tapped into its advanced chemical synthesis technology to develop photographic films' color producing reagents and other high-function chemicals. The technology has also been applied to produce high-quality LCD materials and graphic arts materials. In a bid to expand the high-function chemical and laboratory chemical business, Fujifilm is launching the Fine Chemical Division. This will establish a business structure to create synergy with the leading laboratory chemical manufacturer Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd.**. Fujifilm formally completed this tender offer on April 3, 2017 in which it would become a consolidated subsidiary as of April 21, 2017 in an effort to strongly promote the company's existing speciality chemical and laboratory chemical business.

To achieve further business expansion, Fujifilm will also market its library of two hundred thousand varieties of chemical compounds through Wako Pure Chemical's refined distribution routes across Japan, and make use of our overseas network to market Wako Pure Chemical's speciality chemicals and laboratory chemicals. Business growth will be accelerated through combining the two companies' advanced chemical synthesis technology, to develop and provide new high-function chemicals and laboratory chemicals.

Fujifilm will continue to develop and provide high-function chemicals and laboratory chemicals in its contribution to the creation of value-added and high-performance products.

* Materials applied to a wafer when drawing a circuit pattern in a pre-process of semiconductor manufacturing
** Of Wako Pure Chemical's “laboratory chemicals,” “clinical diagnostic drugs” and “specialty chemicals,” the Fine Chemical Division deals with “laboratory chemicals” and “specialty chemicals” (excluding some products such as cell culture medium and semiconductor materials).

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