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Fujifilm announces addition of new processless plate – SUPERIA ZD – to the Fujifilm SUPERIA product range


FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) today announces the launch of a new processless plate, SUPERIA ZD, which will be available as part of Fujifilm’s SUPERIA portfolio following drupa 2016. Fujifilm has built on the advanced technologies behind its hugely successful SUPERIA PRO-T3 processless plate to make SUPERIA ZD compatible with UV ink and ideal for longer run jobs, while offering all the reliability and stability features of SUPERIA PRO-T3. These advances open up the benefits of processless plates to a much wider range of printers than ever before.

New SUPERIA technologies
The SUPERIA ZD processless plate incorporates three exciting new technologies – MGZ, HDN and s-HDS:

1.    MGZ is a new graining structure, which has been added to Fujifilm’s MGV technology used in the SUPERIA PRO-T3 plate, to ensure the optimum ink/water balance on press. This new plate structure enhances the adhesion between the substrate and the exposed image, further improving the robustness of the plate during printing.

2.    In order to ensure compatibility with UV inks, a new accelerator has been introduced. As a result, optical energy is used to efficiently cross-link the binders to produce a high density network (HDN). This HDN technology ensures the exposed image has a higher resistance against UV inks and related press chemicals.

3.    Fujifilm’s newly developed "s-HDS" technology optimises the water holding properties of the surface of the non-image area. This enhances the resistance to toning and improves ink/water balance while retaining the fast on-press development characteristics of SUPERIA PRO-T3.

Further contribution to all five SUPERIA resource savings
Like the SUPERIA PRO-T3 plate, the new SUPERIA ZD plate contributes to resource savings in five key areas: material, labour, energy, environment and water, while also offering the additional benefits of longer run lengths, web press suitability and enhanced chemical resistance – meaning that it is suitable for the latest UV press technologies including LED-UV and H-UV printing.

Fujifilm is committed to the long-term growth of print businesses globally and as such, it is a leading provider of multiple print products and solutions, from workflow systems and digital press platforms; to press chemicals and packaging solutions. The full range of Fujifilm’s products and solutions will be on display on the Fujifilm stand at drupa 2016 (A25, Hall 8b).

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