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FUJIFILM Electronic Materials receives the “Excellent Performance Award” from the world's largest dedicated semiconductor foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited


FUJIFILM Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. (President: Keiji Mihayashi; “FFEM”), a semiconductor materials business subsidiary of FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno), has been awarded the “Excellent Performance Award” by the world's largest dedicated semiconductor foundry, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (Chairman: Dr. Morris Chang; “TSMC”). This is the third time TSMC presented FFEM with an award.

FFEM won the “Excellent Performance Award” for development of CMP slurries* and cleaners for Co (cobalt) process** for next generation devices, and quality improvement of cutting-edge NTI*** developers with quick supply in correspondence to increasing demand. Furthermore, with the launch of the Tainan Plant, its third plant in Taiwan, FFEM was appreciated for ensuring stable supply by shortening its supply chain and having multiple production sites to distribute risk even in times of disaster.

TSMC awards suppliers of outstanding performance in the annual “Supply Chain Management Forum”. Over 600 suppliers participated in this year's forum, held under the theme of “Collaborate and Win Together”. FFEM was chosen for the “Excellent Performance Award”, which is given to a supplier that has made an outstanding contribution to the supply of advanced materials and manufacturing devices used in semiconductor manufacturing processes. The company received the award in the forum, held in the Taiwanese city of Hsinchu on February 23.

FFEM produces and provides a worldwide supply of advanced semiconductor materials including photoresists*4, image sensor materials*5, developing solutions, cleaners and CMP slurries used in the manufacturing process of semiconductors. With the imminent arrival of the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), the semiconductor market is expected to make continued growth. FFEM will continue to supply products useful for semiconductor manufacturing, and expand the customer support structure, in its contributions to the advancement of the semiconductor industry.

  • * Stands for Chemical Mechanical Polishing. Abrasive agent for polishing and leveling wafers used in the semiconductor manufacturing.
  • ** A process of using cobalt in place of copper in a wiring layer for cutting –edge generation of logic LSI (Large Scale Integreation) with miniaturization.
  • *** Stands for Negative Tone Imaging. Patterning process that uses a negative-type developer that retains exposed areas on the substrate to achieve more refined details than when using the conventional positive-type development approach.
  • *4 Material coated on the wafer substrate when drawing circuit patterns in the pre-process of semiconductor manufacturing.
  • *5 Pigmented photosensitive materials for manufacturing the color filters of image sensors (e.g. CCD and CMOS sensor) used in digital cameras and mobile phones.

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