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Fujifilm introduces Fujinon HF-12M lens series for use in inspection and measurement

Smallest lenses compatible with 2.1µm pixel pitch currently available at Vision 2016

Fujifilm HF-12M Series

Fujifilm HF-12M Series

The highlight at the booth of FUJIFILM Europe of this year´s Vision Stuttgart is the new Fujinon HF-12M series as top-of-the-range machine vision lenses for use in inspection and measurement applications in production lines.

The HF-12M lenses can resolve the high resolution of up to12 megapixels with a pixel pitch of 2.1µm. All models of the new series maintain the high level of even sharpness from the image center up to the corners and compensate for the resolution degradation that typically occurs when changing working distance or aperture value. This enables the consistent delivery of high-resolution images even under varying installation and shooting conditions at the manufacturing frontline.

Despite the high resolution, the lenses surprise with the smallest and lightest body compared to other high resolution lenses that are currently available on the market, measuring only 33mm in outer diameter!

Fujinon HF-12M series is available in five models of various focal lengths from 8 mm to 35 mm and is officially designed for 2/3” sensors, but especially the longer focal lengths are applicable on larger sensor sizes of up to 1/1.2” as well. All models offer low-distortion design and small working distances as of 100mm. Therefore they are very flexible and reliable for a wide range of applications.

The combination of high resolution implemented in a small size makes the new Fujinon series unique lenses on the market – simply incomparable!

1. Product names and focal lengths

    HF818-12M8mm F1.8MOD 100mm
    HF1218-12M12mmF1.8MOD 100mm
    HF1618-12M16mmF1.8MOD 100mm
    HF2518-12M25mmF1.8MOD 100mm
    HF3520-12M35mmF2.0MOD 200mm

2. Main Features

    1. Advanced optical performance
      When the iris (aperture) is set at the orange F4 marker on the lens barrel the
      HF-12M series offers the highest resolving power of 2.1µm pixel pitch on a 2/3” sensor, which is equivalent to 12 megapixels. The HF-12M maintains ultra high definiton with 2.7µm in the whole frame area even on sensor sizes of up to 1/1.2”

    2. Small size
      Despite being high-resolution lenses, all five models come in a compact form measuring only 33mm in diameter. The small size makes the lenses the smallest lenses currently available on the market compared to other Machine Vision lenses within this resolution segment. This allows installation flexibility even in manufacturing facilities with space constraints.

    3. Edge-to-edge sharpness
      Due to physical properties the resolution varies when working distance or aperture is changed, but thanks to the unique optical design this resolution degradation is minimized. The new Fujinon lenses maintain their high resolving power from the image center to all corners even when the aperture is wide open under low light conditions as well as over changing working distances. This enables a flexible usage of the lenses in versatile applications with constant image quality.

    4. Added value
      Many machine vision lenses use iris and focus locking screws with a head protruding out from the lens body, potentially causing interference within the machine vision system. Fujinon HF-12M comes with regular locking screws as well as headless compact screws, which can be countersunk into the lens body to minimize interference with the machine vision system, thereby increasing flexibility in system installation and design.

Visit us at Vision: Hall 1,  booth H15!

Vision 2016
Neue Messe Stuttgart, Germany
08 – 10 November 2016

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