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Fujifilm Introduces FUJINON HF-12M Series Machine Vision Lenses that feature cutting-edge optical technology and ultra clear resolution

HF-12M series delivers even and edge-to-edge sharpness under versatile installation conditions. The world's smallest* and lightest** body compatible with 2/3-inch sensors with 2.7µm pixel pitch***


FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) has announced that it will launch the FUJINON HF-12M series (hereinafter “HF-12M”) in mid-June 2016 as a top-of-the-range machine vision lens for use in product inspections and measurements in production lines. The lenses are compatible with a 2/3-inch sensor with a 2.7 µm pixel pitch***. The HF-12M series is the world's smallest* and lightest** weight machine vision lens that delivers an even edge-to-edge sharpness under a variety of installation conditions. HF-12M is available in five models of various focal lengths, allowing users to choose the optimum focal length and angle of view according to their usage.

At manufacturing facilities, a machine vision system is generally installed to capture and recognize images of the production lines, and automatically carry out positioning, measuring and inspecting materials and components. The demand for the machine vision system is projected to grow as requests for automation and streamlining work in production lines expands.
To respond to the current market demanding for more product efficiency and stricter quality management, machine vision systems also need to achieve higher image recognition accuracy and processing speed. This prompted the development of cameras with larger sensors, higher resolution and higher frame rates. The lenses, as the first point of the image information to a camera, must have even, edge-to-edge sharpness to facilitate recognition accuracy of the systems.

HF1618-12M (left) mounted on a regular compact machine vision camera (right)

HF-12M is a series of prime lenses that produce ultra-sharpness with 2.7µm pixel pitch (equiv. to 8MP) in the whole frame area. HF-12M lenses maintain a high level of even sharpness at the center as well as around the edges, and mitigating resolution degradation that typically occurs when changing a working distance or aperture value. This enables the consistent delivery of high-resolution images, even under varying installation and shooting conditions at the manufacturing frontline. This feature named “4D*4 High Resolution” is a unique feature of the HF-12M. Thanks to the world's smallest and lightest body measuring just φ33mm in external diameter for all the five models, the lenses can easily accommodate an installation environment with space constraints.
Fujifilm offers a wide range of lenses for the age of high resolution digital imaging, tapping into the optical technologies and precision processing and assembling technologies nurtured over many years. In the machine vision field with strong growth potential, Fujifilm is committed to addressing customer needs with its extensive lineup of lenses that deliver constant high resolution in greater installation conditions.

The new HF-12M series will be showcased from March 15-17, 2016 at the China (Shanghai) International Machine Vision Exhibition, which is one of the largest trade shows exhibiting machine vision systems and key components in China.

  • * The smallest external diameter among MV lenses compatible with a 2/3-inch sensor and over 8MP with C mount. (as of March 15, 2016 according to Fujifilm data)
  • ** The lightest weight among MV lenses compatible with a 2/3-inch sensor and over 8MP with C mount compared with models with same focal length (as of March 15, 2016 according to Fujifilm data)
  • *** Pixel pitch is an indicator of sensor's image definition capability. The unit “µm” represents the distance between adjacent pixels. The smaller the number is (i.e. higher pixel density), the higher the image definition becomes.
  • *4 Two dimensions (plane) plus two additional dimensions of “working distance” and “aperture”

HF-12M Series

1.Product name, focal lengths, release date, prices

Product name Focal length Release date Price
FUJINON HF818-12M8mmMid-June 2016Open
FUJINON HF1218-12M12mm
FUJINON HF1618-12M16mm
FUJINON HF2518-12M25mm
FUJINON HF3520-12M35mm

2.Main features

Orange-colored F4 marker on the lens barrel

(1) Advanced optical performance suitable for the top-of-the-range series

  • When the iris (aperture) is set at the orange F4 marker on the lens barrel, the HF-12M series delivers the resolving power greater than 2.1µm pixel pitch on a 2/3-inch sensor (equivalent to 12 megapixels) *5.
  • The HF-12M series is capable of maintaining ultra-high definition with a 2.7 µm pixel pitch within the whole frame area. Each pixel with high optical performance enables stable checking of product dimensions and appearance.
  • *5 At the working distance of 50cm

(2) Delivering edge-to-edge sharpness under a range of installation conditions with FUJINON lenses’ unique “4D High Resolution” performance.

  • General machine vision lenses share the issue of resolution degradation when the working distance or aperture is changed. The HF-12M features FUJINON lenses’ unique “4D High Resolution” performance. It maintains a high level of consitent image sharpness at the center as well as around the edges, while mitigating resolution degradation that typically occurs when changing a working distance or aperture value. This enables the consistent delivery of high-resolution images under a wide variety of installation and shooting conditions.

When locked with a head-less compact screw. No head protruding from the lens body.

(3) Ease of installation and high reliability

  • Despite being high-resolution lenses with 2.7µm pixel pitch, all the five models come in a compact form factor with the external dimension of just φ33mm. This allows installation flexibility even in manufacturing facilities with space constraints.
  • General machine vision lenses use iris and focus locking screws with a head protruding out from the lens body, potentially causing interference within the machine vision system. The HF-12M series come with regular locking screws as well as headless compact screws, which can be countersunk into the lens body to minimize interference with the machine vision system, thereby increasing flexibility in system installation and design.
  • The lenses are built with a metal barrel for durability and robustness.

(4) Industry-leading low distortion design of no more than 0.05%

  • The lenses’ unique optical design minimizes troublesome distortion. in industrial applications requiring accuracy such as dimension measurement. The series boasts an industry-leading low distortion rate of no more than 0.05%*6.
  • *6 In the case of HF1618-12M


Product name HF 818-12M HF 1218-12M HF 1618-12M HF 2518-12M HF 3520-12M
Focal length 8mm 12mm 16mm 25mm 35mm
Iris range(F no.) F1.8-F22 F1.8-F22 F1.8-F22 F1.8-F22 F2.0-F22
Angle of view (H x V) *
  • * Mounted to 2/3″ sensor cameras
56.9°x43.9° 39.3°x30.0° 30.8°x23.3° 20.0°x15.1° 14.7°x11.0°
Focus range (from front of the lens) (mm) ∞‐100 ∞‐100 ∞‐100 ∞‐100 ∞‐200
Filter threadM30.5 x 0.5mm
Sensor size (max.)2/3″
TV distortion (%) -1.03 0.18 -0.03 0.02 0.01
Diameter (mm) φ33x48.5 φ33x52.5 φ33x52.5 φ33x53.1 φ33x53.1
Weight (ca.) (g) 95 85 90 85 85
Fixing knobs bundled2 pcs.
Fixing screws bundled6 pcs.
  • * These product specifications and external appearances are as of the time of this press release (March 15, 2016) and subject to change without prior notice.

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