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Fujifilm introduces new options for AMULET Innovality digital mammography unit


FUJIFILM Europe announces at the European Congress of Radiology, taking place in Vienna from 1 to 5 March 2017, the release of three new additional functionalities developed to further enhance AMULET Innovality clinical performance.

“Released in 2014, the AMULET Innovality is Fujifilm’s flagship product in its digital mammography portfolio and already counts for more than 400 installations in over 18 European countries” says Hidetoshi Izawa, Marketing Director at FUJIFILM Europe. “In the last three years the release of innovative new options and additional modules has allowed our customers to maintain the highest level of clinical value and performance. ECR 2017 will be the place to reveal new outstanding improvements, to confirm Fujifilm commitment in leading the way in women’s healthcare: we have already been able to implant our technology in innovative products and we mean to continue this evolution improving both patients’ and customers’ care.”

Iterative reconstruction

As tomosynthesis in mammography becomes wider used, Fujifilm has developed a new reconstruction process that is aimed to improve image quality and  allow dose reduction. A new iterative reconstruction algorithm is embedded in “Excellent-m 3D” option, which combines a new synthetic 2D “S-View” processing and the capability to reduce image graininess.  Its application can therefore facilitate  dose reduction, when compared to conventional Filtered Back projection processing and also in  combined 2D+DBT exposures.

In combination with the 15° degrees tomosynthesis acquisition mode (Fujifilm AMULET Innovality still provides both 15° and 40° tube sweep in DBT mode) this new option has been designed to provide increased sharpness, improved lesion depiction, and reduce the interference from overlapping structures.

Density measurement

According to recent scientific literature, breast density measurement is gaining a more relevant role in breast cancer evaluation and prediction: in acknowledgement of this Fujifilm has developed a software module that is capable of detecting breast tissues composition and providing an automatic density measurement. The module, embedded in the AWS (Acquisition workstation) software, allows glandular/fat tissue ratio evaluation in a seamless workflow, with the resultant breast density category providing a more accurate estimation of the dose acquired by the radiosensitive tissue.

Energy subtraction*

Fujifilm’s experience in energy subtraction processing, has been applied to signature digital radiography products since 2002. Building on this heritage and knowledge a refined version is currently under clinical verification and will be shortly made available to allow Contrast Enhanced Digital Mammography examination with AMULET Innovality. Additional information will be made available on demand to ECR visitors who attend the Fujifilm booth.
* energy subtraction module is not yet available for sales

The Fujifilm booth at ECR is located at the Austria Center Vienna, Expo X3.

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