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Fujifilm Launch Two New Development Centers for Next Generation of Advanced AI Technology


Fujifilm have launched two new Artificial Intelligence (AI) development centres in Tokyo - the Fujifilm Creative AI Centre known as ‘Brain(s)’ and the Fujifilm AI Academy.  Fujifilm has developed AI capable of reading diverse information from image data, and principally employing this technology in the fields of image diagnostics and photography. Over the coming years, Fujifilm intends to accelerate the development of AI-based technology capable of supporting clinicians, through comprehensive analysis of decision-making on the basis of data collected through its business activities.

The ‘Brain(s)’ Centre has been established to enhance collaboration with academic institutions to resolve some of the big issues facing society today.  The name ‘Brain(s)’ derives from the concept of fusing AI with human brainpower and wisdom.  Fujifilm is already involved in various joint projects for the development of AI-based technology with academic institutions. With this new project, Fujifilm aims to continue developing even more sophisticated next-generation AI technology. This will be accomplished by combining Fujifilm’s knowledge of the challenges present in the clinical environment with technologies developed by academic institutions, including natural language processing and multimodal AI¹.

In addition the Fujifilm AI Academy has been founded to foster internal and external AI experts.  This institution will give researchers from both Fujifilm and third parties the opportunity to interact with leading researchers and gain experience with state-of-the-art AI technology. Through these initiatives, Fujifilm will aim to train AI and technology experts capable of occupying leadership positions in the future.

By linking its technology with documented knowledge -- such as diagnostic reports and medical literature -- and human knowledge from experience, Fujifilm will develop powerful AI tools to enhance diagnosis. Fujifilm will not only harness ‘Brain(s)’ as a centre for research and development by AI engineers from the Fujifilm Group, but also intends to develop a forum for close research cooperation with academic institutions.  By promoting efforts to combine the knowledge of the “brains” of Fujifilm with those of academic institutions, they aim to develop the next generation of AI technology.

1   Multi-modal approaches refer to approaches for learning through a combination of different information media including not only images, but also sound, movement, and language information. This approach aims to develop even higher-precision AI technology.

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