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Fujifilm presents an expanded x-ray room portfolio
at ECR 2016


The 22nd annual European Congress of Radiology in Vienna will see a range of new and improved x-ray room and mobile solutions presented by FUJIFILM Europe Medical Systems. These new systems will all be made available with a range of Fujifilm DR panel solutions, including the award-winning FDR D-EVOII. The solutions on display encompass the full spectrum of diagnostic requirements; from the floor-mounted FDRSmart for those with restrictions on budget and site specifications to the flagship FDRVisionary Suite with support for advanced imaging solutions including Tomsynthesis and Energy Subtraction.

Seen at ECR for the first time this year, the FDRSmart is the first floor mounted x-ray by Fujfilm. The system is designed to cater to the full range of requirements in floor mounted x-ray. It has been made available with an extensive range of generator options to meet any power requirement with UPS and capacitor generator options for sites with problematic power supply and more traditional, line generators for those requiring a higher powered system. This scalable approach has been extended to the gantry itself, with options such as a tilting wallstand, inbuilt panel charging and removable grids making it possible to customize the system to fit each site’s specific requirement.

This flexibility of use is also present on the company’s ceiling mounted system, the FDR Visionary Suite. When the system is configured with the Fujifilm FDR D-EVO Advanced DR panel it is possible to perform advanced imaging procedures such as Energy Subtraction and Tomosynthesis, adding new diagnostic pathways and supplementary image information. This advanced panel is also portable, adding the flexibility to perform bed-based examinations within the x-ray room without the need for additional DR panels. Fujifilm’s original FDR D-EVO panel and next generation FDR D-EVOII will also be made available for sites where portability is the priority and the ability to share these panels for mobile use or to other x-ray rooms adds an additional layer of flexibility and redundancy for sites seeking to maximize their investment.

These varied solutions are further evidence of Fujifilm’s ongoing commitment to improving general x-ray workflow and diagnostics. Their extensive range of both DR panels and X-Ray system solutions has been designed to fit the varied needs of diagnostic imaging departments today; offering sites the ability to choose the system that best fits their current needs while retaining the flexibility to move to new technologies as they emerge.

The Fujifilm booth is located at the Austria Center Vienna, Expo X3, Booth Nr. 209.

* The connection of the FDR D-EVOII to the FDR Visionary Suite is being shown as a work in progress at this time

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